Love is in the Blood - return from the undead

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Okay folks, it's official - Gina Biggs is the new artist and we'll start posting new pages on Valentine's Day. News is up at the Love is in the Blood website.
Here's the lovely promo we put up:

I'm sending out short news releases to webcomic new sites and blogs, hitting Twitter, Facebook, and G+, plus putting together a full press release for the sites that may not know us.
More news here as it happens!
Looks good, huh?


  • @marvinmann And that's the sketchy version. There's a "finished art" version on the way. :) But I have this printed out and keep it nearby to look at and get inspired while I'm writing. 

    Here's a tip for those of you with websites: if you have Google Analytics do not look at the Real Time data. DO NOT LOOK INTO THE EYES OF THE BEAST! 

    It's mesmerizing watching the map especially as people come and go. 

    The traffic at had trickled down to a couple of hundred visitors per day. And I got used to not looking at the stats at all. But now people are rolling in, especially from Gina's Red String site, and I'm wasting way too much time watching the flow IN REAL TIME. There is someone in Brisbane reading the comic right now. I DO NOT NEED TO KNOW THIS IN REAL TIME.  /rant
  • I just heard a crappy song on the radio that had a great chorus, and I thought of your book...


  • I had to look that up.HALESTORM!  

    Would make a better t-shirt. :)

    Wait... that was a chick singing? 
  • Eh, they're not bad, but that singer is no Angela Gossow.
  • Posting more sketches on the site in the run-up to Valentine's Day. 
  • I actually hate describing this comic because there are too many directions I can go with it. I want to push the idea that vampires are of Sumarian descent, way before the European legends. (Really, I started this because I wanted to read about vampires that had nothing to do with Dracula. Nothing against the dude and the legend, it's great stuff. But I wanted something that was else.) 

    I'm making a promo postcard and here's what I have for the back:

    Laila McCarthy is not an ordinary archaeologist.
    In a world that is changing too quickly, she has lost touch with her Sumerian warrior past as Lamashtu, the first vampire. However, recovering dangerous relics continually brings her face-to-face with old enemies. Can she survive without returning to her old bloodthirsty self? The past will bite you.

    Still working on it. 
  • Sounds like Indiana Jones with vampires while the title suggests that this is a romance (with adventure).

    From an eon of slumber within the soul of archeologist Laila McCarthy, the Sumerian vampire Lamashtu is rising. Ancient enemies smell her out and strike to stop the horror before Lamashtu can fully return. But blood spilt never stopped a creature of bloodlust, and Laila must cling to love lest her heart be consumed by the first vampire.

    No doubt I have the details of your story wrong, but I think you need something that connects the promo to the title a little better.

    Also, every sentence features an action, "Lamashtu rising", "smell and strike", "cling to love", while the set up mileau  "archeologist", "Sumerian vampire", "first vampire" are mostly nouns and adjectives.

    Also, including questions in these doesn't tend to raise the tension; "can she survive?"   well, she's the protagonist, so I expect she will. But the action she must take; "cling to love" presents the challange. How will she accomplish this? Sounds like it might not be as easy as one would think.
  • Welllll.., the first book I definitely consider an action-romance. Often when describing it at cons, I'll say, "it's like Indiana Jones - if he were a female vampire." She saves the world and gets the girl. Book 2 will have a different tone and be more romance (with plenty of adventure) as the title suggests. 

    So... now that you mention it... I need to toss that description and completely start over for book 2. It really doesn't work at all now. And your suggestions on how to approach it are right on. Especially the clinging to love not being as easy as one would think. Thanks, Marv! 

    Time for a total re-think. One thing I've been doing wrong is trying to explain the story in the description. The comic will explain (by telling) the story, the description should only have to provoke interest in the story. 
  • Nice sketches! And I'm definitely intrigued by the concept, Greg. Also, Marv, if you're interested in writing copy for me, I'm all for it! :)
  • Thanks, Shawn! Gina is an amazing artist. I've been working on variations of this story for about 8 years now. Originally Lamashtu was the villian, now she's the protagonist. Since I made that twist on the story it's really taken off. Along with getting someone else to do the art. I can't draw worth a damn, but it was great experience giving it a try. 

    For anyone who hasn't read it, book one is complete (with artist Elliot Dombo) and starts here:

  • Shawn; I used to write back cover copy for a line of romance novels, so I've had a chance to practice and think about it.
  • "When government agencies come to archaeologist Laila McCarthy for assistance, they don't know her knowledge of dangerous relics was gained first-hand. But ancient enemies remember her as Sumerian demon Lamashtu and the first vampire."

    Eh. It's a start.
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