Beth Wagner's Work Log (Isaac & Lee, Space Trucking, Sam Hawke, A Grotto of Poppies)



  • I see what you are saying. I'll have to do some nudging and reshaping. Thanks!
  • I took a break from Grotto (which I need to adjust the lettering and finish editing) and now I'm working on Tedieval and struggling through a background panel at the moment. I'm hoping to be able to finish a few pages this week so that I can get back to editing Grotto next week.
  • I struggled with inking last night. My sleep schedule is changing and it looks like have two choices, I'm either up until midnight (and then barely awake by 5am) or a zombie by 9pm and up by 4:30am (barely). This is annoying. Couple this with a partner who is attempting to return to work and schedule? What schedule?
  • We both live on the west coast so it may have something to do with the time of year and the weather.
  • I just wrote out my production plan for 2019. It looks pretty full but it's still flexible as I may have other projects crop up during the year.
  • I got no work done yesterday, well not comic work.
    Last night I was stalking an editor and hoping to god that I didn't scare her off with my task list.
  • Damn, 2019 already planned out for production? That’s impressive, I should try that, too.
  • @Jimmie_Robinson as long as you remember to remain flexible (changing it as needed), they are a great yard stick to show you what you want to get done. Also, they can show you if you are taking on too much stuff or expecting too much from yourself. :smiley:
  • 2019 is going to be a hard year as is 2020. I'm taking time away from most of the shows unless I get invited as a guest or unless they are local.
    These two years are set aside for me to rebrand (to reflect my role as a literary self-publisher in addition to comic creator and illustrator) and build up a new body of work (both writing and comics).
    But I'm still going to miss going to all of the shows....but it's for the best! Because when I do return, it's going to mean having a bigger booth and a better organized table that isn't so daunting for people.
  • Last night I only got a sad doodle done creative wise.
    That's not exactly true.... I also shot a video of me "unboxing" one of my dad's manuscripts. I'm going to be shooting some pick up shots this weekend and then editing everything together.
    Most of my night was coordinating with a writer's conference to place my father's novel on their shared author table. All the beauty of having a table there, without most of the headaches! :smile:
    Plus, this festival is designed for readers, which makes it ideal for sales.
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    On Saturday I went to my LCS and worked on Tedieval. I just sat at a table in the back and worked on the comic. It was much like working at a coffee shop, only with comics.
    I also got invited by the owner to do Free Comic Book Day there. Which will be cool and I will see if I can get a preview to give away then. :)
    I did not get the video edited, but I did think some more about what shots I'm going to need, along with figuring out how to overlay audio.
  • Last night I was working on websites. I'm tweaking the About pages and I'm also re-introducing each website for the new year (something that I'm going to do each new year).
    Of course I did a Drawing Lesson Awry comic for the art blog.

    This week's work list:
    - 1 page of Grotto worked on/completed
    - 1 page of Tedieval worked on/completed
    - About page for JP Wagner updated and also set up on Moongate Studios
    - links to websites set up on Moongate Studios
    - promotions - reworking Patreon page and Kofi page
    - test out online store to make sure that it works properly
    - Start working on Unicorn script (adapting published novel to comic)
    - Read Chronicles of Avantir
    - Video editing? (I'm thinking of abandoning it as I'm not happy with the initial shots and there would be a lot of shots that would have to be done to make it more interesting)
  • Last night I found three novellas that I have outlined on my laptop that were in various stages of completion. Instead of working on comics like I originally intended, I picked away at one of the novellas. It was a good change of pace.
  • Last night did not go as expected and I ended up working on a comic page. On a related note, vanishing points make me feel lazy but they are truly the best.
  • The Artist's Dilemma

    I am redrawing this one background panel. It didn't have what I wanted in it so it's being redrawn from the ground up. I really need to get this page done this week. I feel ridiculous because I can draw faster than this and I'm not even sure that when I'm done, it will be any better than the pages that I just throw together. (Usually they aren't)
  • I got a chance to read a writer friend's first comic script. I really like his ideas, now to see what he thinks about the art style that I want to try with it. :smile:
  • I have no energy because of the weather (I refuse to think that I may be getting sick). As a result? This comic page is taking forever to get done! I *need* to have it finished by tomorrow night. Having said that, I am off to go work on it now before I head off to the day job.
  • I admire your stick-to-itiveness. I need to get a little more of that myself! :smile:
  • Thanks!
    My stick-to-itiveness comes from the fact that I am focussing on production, compounded by the fact that because I am not going to conventions I need to produce way more than I would if I was going to shows.
    I have a *lot* planned for this year.
  • I'm about to do something very stupid. But if it works out it will be really good.
    I'm considering signing on to do the artwork on my friend's first foray into comics. It'll be a heavy collab, which I think will be not only fun but really important for me and a good learning experience for him.
    My two main roadblocks? Making time for it (which may mean sacrificing one of my other projects this year) and imposter syndrome (This book CANNOT be shitty nor phoned it, it has to be a-game material)
    I'm going to take my quaking with fear as a good sign. Please don't mind my little freaking out moment before I pull myself back together and begin thumbnailing out the first issue.
  • He only wants to do one book this year. So that'll be easy-peasy. And it's a little sad that I can simply throw another book into my production plan for the year and could have possibly done three more on top of that.
  • I'm almost done this page. Then I can work on....anything else!
    Actually, I need to get these thumbnails done by the end of the week to show the writer so he can decide how he wants to tell the story.
  • Finally finished the page for Grotto! Now I just have to get everything set to go. Because those pages took me so long to do I'm going to have to figure out how I'm going to post the comic. I'm thinking that I may post some fillers between the actual comic until I can build up more lead time. I'm happy with the pages but they just took way too long to do and I'm worried about future pages.
  • I've spent most of the week in bed with a terrible head cold. But I've managed to work on a few pages of the website from my sickbed,!
    I just need to get off my butt and finish off the thumbnails. I can do this in one night. Then I need to set up a Dropbox and Google doc for this.
  • No, I was optimistic to think that I could do it in one night.
    I got 11 pages thumbnailed, which would have been half the book except that these are just different options for him to go with depending on how he's wanting to tell the story.
    So out of the entire comic? Two of his original pages have been thumbnailed. In my defense, there are some panels where I needed to break out the action which expanded the amount of panels.
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    Tonight my goal is to work on character designs for the collab project, I have a bunch of comics pulled out for reference such as Ninjak and Poison Elves.
    I also want to get some colouring done tonight as well.
  • So he likes the black and white theatre mask...Now to talk to him about cape/cloak/hood styles. And in other news, I have two weeks to get a crap ton of work done.
    I've got three pieces of art that I have to have ready for a show.
    I need to work on character designs and thumbnails.
    I have a website that I have to get ready for launch next month.
    I have a first draft that I am picking away at, I'm...not sure what you would call gathering bits of a manuscript together to make it into a cohesive story.

    Oh and did I mention that I also have two costume commissions due for next month? (This is just February)
  • I got one more commission due in two weeks. This is the last one until April. Luckily it honestly shouldn't take too long to get done, but of course I'm nervous as all get out. I've got a few samples already to go and I'll have my client look them over on Tuesday.
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