Steve's Worklog: Satellite Falling

edited January 2016 in Work Logs
Saw on Twitter that another artist was looking for work and wanted to do something sci-fi, so I talked him into 3 pages. Here's a link to the guy's work and the rough idea. Yes, I'm full of ideas lately. Glad I'm playing fewer cards and fewer video games and writing more. Hope it keeps up.
"Not Of This World"
A group of five human space marines (two female, three male) are caught in a rift during the middle of a firefight and find themselves on a bizarre alien planet, far from home. The most bizarre of all alien worlds. They must adapt, if they don't kill each other first. The planet's landscape and seasons are in bands about 100 miles apart. Meaning that every 100 miles or so is a new climate and a new city state with a different civilization. 
The twist of the story is that these five were sent there intentionally to subjugate this peaceful planet, their commanders having suddenly developed a taste for manifest destiny. Only one of them knows of this, and after their communication was cut off, chose not to relay these orders to the others, in hopes of starting over far away from war.
After some time of interacting with the aliens and attempting to fit in, the five marines learn of an impending evil approaching them. These five have to help the planet defend itself against the oncoming threat, with the help of some relics from their warlike past. 
The story has sex, violence, snow, acid rain, fire, death, weird aliens and giant weapons.
Can't decide if the oncoming threat is these marines' bosses, or if that's too Avatar and I should make it something else.


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