Stuff Your Face: Your Whenever Check In

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I post pics and descriptions of food I make, like, kinda a lot (and frequently to derision by my friends due to my tendency to cook the hell out of everything). I also used to do a cooking comic.

Anyway. If you come up with something delish in the course of your daily adventures, by all means, dish. To start:

Last night, I invented a drink. Due to my love of martinis, but dislike of olives, I've been casting around for an olive substitute. I've tried shrimp (didn't hurt the flavor, but kinda gross to eat after), clementines (not bad), and last night: blue cheese stuffed baby bella mushrooms.

(What I did was to just cram a half teaspoon or so of blue cheese crumbles in the space between the stem and the cap, without taking off the stem. What I might do is get some blue cheese crumbles in a little dip cup, wet them with a vermouth or water, and stir them into a more packable slurry before taking the stem off the mushroom and packing the cheese in the cap hole)

Anyway, mushroom martini turned out good. I'm calling it a Norwood, after the apartment complex I currently reside in.

The mix (fills one 4oz martini glass):
Two shots vodka
Half shot extra dry vermouth
Half a cap of lemon juice
into a shaker
Add ice
Strain/pour into glass
Add mushroom garnish on skewer

And for brunch just now, I made the following:

BBQ Pepperoni-Mushroom Tarts
Arnold's Whole Wheat Sandwich thins
Five thick slices of pepperoni
Four or five baby bella mushrooms
Two teaspoons of blue cheese crumbles
This glorious ambrosia

Marinate the mushrooms and pepperoni overnight in the BBQ sauce. The next morning (or, having got up past noon, afternoon) split a sandwich thin and slice the mushrooms so you can lay them and the pepperoni flat on the two face-up thins.

(You can dice both mushroom and pepperoni for a more even spread, but I'd just gotten up and wasn't doing that.)

Sprinkle a teaspoon each of blue cheese over the two tarts. Pop it in the toaster for whatever crispiness you desire...I tend to do one notch past Light, on 450degrees. Take out of the toaster ASAP when done, and let cool while you make your coffee.


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