November 2012 "National Graphic Novel Writing Month" Challenge!

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I'm not interested in writing novels. I'm interested in writing comics — but as I've been talking about recently, I'm finding it really hard to writing consistently without a deadline, and I don't have any set deadlines at the moment.

So I'm mulling over trying a NaNoWriMo-style challenge for myself in the month of November. November has 30 days, 22 of them are weekdays. If I try to write 5 pp. a day every weekday, that's 110 pages — five issues of a 22 pp. comic. If I write 6 pp. every weekday, that's 132 pages — six 22 pp. comics. Both of those are respectable graphic novel/miniseries lengths, without being super-long. (For comparison, writing 12 pp. every weekday would get you 264 pp. — a Watchmen-length piece.)

Like I said, I'm mulling it over. What do other people think? Does this sound like a challenge others would be interested in? I see there have been "NaGraNoWriMo" challenges in the past, but they focused on getting at least 48 pages — and when people are doing half that much in 24 hours for 24 Hour Comic Day, that seems underachieving.


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