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  • Looking at these lists, all I can say is:

    Does this crowd rock, or what? :-bd
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    Hah!  And yet I still feel like I'm standing still.
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    So in wake of the apocalypse, which probably won't happen, and all the weird things going on in the world like Justin Bieber, overpopulation, and post-colonialism, I'm putting together something for 2013 that will hopefully let us all forget about all those ill things.

    In 2012:
    Have kept up updating my website with lots of new, offensive, and amusing material.

    In 2013:
    Putting a project together - an online graphic novel - about Hero Man from my website (link above), albeit a bit re-imagined and with a team behind me (new artist, and a site/marketing director), so that we can actually push the content to go viral on this one. We're in the state of settling a design for the new site, and getting the artwork together, it's going to be very good stuff!

    Author & Artist at

  • Oh, forgot one!

    I'm also working on a pitch for a supervillain miniseries (gasp! mainstream!) called The Prince. Inks are coming in now and I hope to pitch in Jan or Feb.
  • Does this crowd rock, or what? :-bd
    Hah!  I yet I still feel like I'm standing still.
  • I have to admit... my older age does concern me.
    The percentage of creators that make a living in the industry gets lower as I get older.
    I can easily see myself in the Artist Alley pushing a comic I did 10 or 20 years ago.
    Publishers ignore me, the readers no longer know me... et.

    And I'm obviously concerned about my drawing ability.

    Yeah, *stress* is my middle name.
  • And yet: Will Eisner, Joe Kubert, Charles Schulz...
  • Those guys are in a league far above my peg rate.
    Not a proper comparison.  Haha!
  • 2012

    Cats of Ulthar - Part of the Fearsome Fables Anthology
    Keeping His Promise - Short Story
    Sam Hawke - Crime's Client #1
    Space Trucking - #2
                            - #3 with a start on #4
    Isaac & Lee - Isaac's Run - Filler Mini
                      - #6
                      - The Collected Works Volume 1 - Graphic Novel


    Isaac & Lee #7
    Sam Hawke - Crime's Client #2
    Space Trucking #4
    The GOP project - I'd really like to finish the first issue
    The Guardian - I'd like to see some progress on this book, although I think I will likely be waiting and releasing it as a graphic novel
    I'd also like to get my website up and running on a regular basis

  • This is as good a place as any to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. I've met few of you in person, but you're among the people I consider trusted friends. Have a great year.
  • I'd just like to echo Russell's spot-on sentiments, this is a top place and I hope everyone has a great holidays and new year.

  • I'll also pile on the wishes for happy holidays and a prosperous and healthy new year to all! 
  • I'll add my greetings as well: Seasons Greetings and a Prosperous New Year!
  • Oh, c'mon.... fuck all that Christmas and Holiday stuff!

    [grumble, grumble...]

    Oh.... okay.  OKAY!  I GET IT.



    Happy Holidays and...



    and... a happy new year.

    THERE... okay?  I fuckin' said it.  Happy now?

    And yeah... I like, y'know... wish everyone here, y'know... like a good 2013 and all that stuff.
    Go out and y'know... like make cool ass comics and shit.  Make it a good year and be happy and healthy and love your family and friends and shit like that.

    Thanks for all the support and help... and...

    Yeah, you get what I'm sayin', right?

    We cool?  Cool.  Alright then... uhm, back to work.
  • I did embarrassingly little in 2012:

    1 Logo design
    production design for 2 shorts (film)
    storyboards on a half dozen commercials and/or music videos
    ten more pages of my graphic novel
    co-wrote 3 short stories
    "Gryfalcon" 5 page special
    "No Quarter!" One and done 1 pager
    "Interchangeable parts" 6 pager
    "Mightier than the Sword" pre-production and 2 pages of story
    Production/Editing work on a couple one-shots/graphic novels
    A couple of holiday cards/illustrations

    ....oh, and I started a new day job in April for which I am still in training (and will be for most of next year as well).  Apparently Ambulance Dispatch comes with a steep learning curve.


    Finish "Legend of the Sunset People". Seriously.
    Pitch AT MINIMUM 6 series to Image or other established indy publishers.
    Maintain my position as an Ambulance Communications Officer at the Ministry of Health and Longterm Care
    Take some illustration courses at the University level (ie. enroll in a BFA)

    Also, I have a trip sailing in Greece planned in June and a wedding to attend in Mexico in February.  So I only have 11 months to do all this, while all you slackers get a WHOLE YEAR! ;)
  • If you're just attending the wedding (not in it), then there's a good half hour you can spend drawing. :)
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    Hey, remember this thread from a year ago?  It's back. :) [and fixed]

    What did you get done in 2013?
    I don't mean necessarily published, or even finished (but that counts too)... just how far did you get on your projects?  What did you accomplish in the past 12 months?

    What will you get done in 2014?
    This can include new projects and things you've already started, that will (gods permitting) reach a state of completion.  What will you brag about 12 months from now?
  • 2012:
    @$$hole! vol 1 (graphic novel)
    Albert the Alien - Hall Monitor (floppy)
    Albert the Alien - Movies (floppy)
    Updated @$$hole! webcomic

    Reading with Pictures vol 2 (graphic novel)
    Albert the Alien (webcomic)
    Albert the Alien vol 1 (graphic novel)
    Aw Yeah Comics (floppy)

    Being a Top Cow Talent Hunt winner would be nice
    This is what I had posted previously in this thread. Unfortunately, a number of these didn't happen - either due to timing, or elements outside of my control. However, I did a number of other things.

    Launched Albert the Alien (webcomic)
    Got Albert the Alien digitally published on Thrillbent (webcomic)
    @$$hole! vol 2: The Dating Game (graphic novel)
    Wrote, filmed, produced, and starred in 4 movie trailers
    Wrote several stories and pitches for Aw Yeah Comics (none published...yet)
    Got married (not comic related, granted, but still time consuming)

    Albert the Alien volume 1: New in School (graphic novel)
    @$$hole!: volume 3 (graphic novel)
    Aw Yeah Comics (2 1-page short stories in issues 8 and 9; hopefully the 5-page story at some point)
    Albert the Alien on his site and Thrillbent (webcomic)
    Movie trailers and short films (DVD to sell on the table)

    Top Cow Talent Hunt winner...?
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    What did you get done in 2013?

    Finished writing the entire ORPHANS series (5 issues), paid to have it illustrated/colored/printed. (You can read it free at my site until the end of the year: ORPHANS has been a modest success at comiXology, and there are two more issues yet to be released there.

    Ran a successful Kickstarter to print the first issue of Red Angel Dragnet, a collaboration with Anna Wieszczyk (Archaia's LUCID). Three issues (of four) are written. Anna is midway through the 3rd issue.

    Wrote first issue scripts for NO ANGEL, my collaboration with my sister, Adrianne. Line art is finished on the first issue, colors in progress.

    Wrote first issue script for ATLANTIS WASN'T BUILT FOR TOURISTS, my "tooth fairy murder mystery" (final title TBD). Line art is in progress.

    What will you get done in 2014?

    Complete Red Angel Dragnet with Anna, possibly concluding with a Kickstarter to publish the entirety of the series.

    Find homes for NO ANGEL and AWBforT, and subsequently continue writing those series to completion.

    Make a greater effort to get involved in anthologies that publish/pay, including a locally sourced monthly comics newspaper that a pal is putting together.

    Make a greater effort to table at cons/shows (my request for an AA table at C2E2 was declined, but hopefully that's not a trend).

    After that???
  • Missed this before. . . . COOL thread.
    It does test whether I'm developing early onset alzhiemers. . . 

    finished the last, lingering bit of the 3-part Bran Mak Morn adaptation for Savage Sword
    A big pile of illustrations for different clients, including designing and illustrating 3 characters for the imagineNATIVE film festival.
    I think I 'boarded four or five commercials.  No TV or games stuff this year.
    Spent way too much time tinkering with two bloating comics projects that just seemed to keep getting further away from starting.
    Did a substantial amount of life drawing.
    Maintained teaching drawing in the animation program
    Participated in Inktober on a whim.
    Decided, almost on the fly, to run a Kickstarter for the Inktober drawings, Midnight Harvest.
    Should have all 31 coloured before end of year and start on the 12-page comic for it
    Cover for a indie series, Sword of Freyja.

    Finish 12-page story and production on Midnight Harvest.
    Deliver rewards and books.
    a series of 3-page back-ups for Sword of Frejya
    Draw web comic series with a writer I've wanted to work with again for years.
    Still teach.
    Assemble publishing site as base for Books and Kickstarters for future books.
    Do a Kickstarter for a 60-ish page project
    Probably repeat Inktober/book next fall.

    I can't predict illustration/storyboard work that far in advance, but there'll probably be more of that as well.


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    Oh shit... this thread is back?

    Okay first off.... fuck you @JasonAQuest - you made me go back and read all that crap I wrote.  Hahah!

    Second, here's what I did (and didn't) do in 2013:
    Five Weapons (finish the series and hope for a trade)
    Bomb Queen Deluxe vol. 2, vol. 3, vol. 4 (hardcovers)
    Another mini series (Taco Truck or something else)
    A possible Bomb Queen one-shot / special
    Conventions, signings, et.

    1 - New York Comic Con.

    2 - Write a book while someone else draws it so I can have more than one series out at a time.
    Currently, I'm *drawing* more than one book at a time and it is KILLING ME.
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    So uhm... what will I do next year?

    Five Weapons (ongoing) starting in Jan. 2014
    Art for a museum in Norway
    Art for a table top card game
    Art for a cover for a friend's indy book.
    A Bomb Queen one-shot

    1. STILL trying to set something up where I create / write a story that someone else can illustrate.

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    2013: stuff I did art for
    • Kill All Monsters trade (vol1) - very successful Kickstarter for the trade was done and then it was released to comic shops via Alterna Comics
    •  I did about 90 Kill All Monsters sketch cards for the Kickstarter rewards.
    •  FUBAR: American History Z - 2 short stories (one of them with Chuck Dixon)
    •  Intellectual Property - back ups in Five Ghosts that ran through 4 issues
    •  Daredevil #33 - what?!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    •  Hoax Hunters #11 cover
    •  I did pitch pages for 3 projects. My goal for 2013 was to get a pitch picked up at a great publisher. See results in next section...
    • Looks like I'll be signing a contract for a 4 issue creator owned series with Dark Horse. So 2013's mission is accomplished!
    • I'm on the short list to draw a couple of mini series at 2 great publishers. One of them being a pitch I did art for from 2013.
    • Goal for 2014 is to have a regular presence on the comic shelf, hopefully in the form of an ongoing creator owned series.
    • Another goal is to go to more conventions as a guest. 
    • Try and find time for Kill All Monsters stuff. Volume 2 and a one-shot story.

  • 2013

    I did storyboards for 4 separate Cartoon series this year. Pound Puppies season 3 wrapped up in March and I moved on to Cyberchase season 9 then a board on the tail end of Doki Season 1 (for the South American Discovery Channel I'm told) then George of the Jungle Season 2 (that one was a cluterf@#k! that made me want out of animation!).

    I storyboarded a series of concepts for a Government of Canada PSA, one of which got produced and is broadcasting now.

    In comics I finished up The LEMON DROP KID, my story with Derek McCulloch for the DAMON RUNYON GRAPHIC LIBRARY (coming from Image sometime, someday...)

    and... I picked away at inking Wahoo Morris  here and there and I've ended up with about 36 pages mostly done. 44 pages to go.


    In comics, finish WAHOO MORRIS. As I have no WFH lined up yet it might actually happen by the end of February. It's about time...It's only taken 16 years!

    Get Wahoo Morris on Comixology (and other digital outlets) and publish it monthly until it ends (about 10 issues). I'm waiting until I'm only 1 issue away from finishing.

    Find a new project. Preferably a mini series at Image (Dark Horse or IDW will do) with a writer with some profile. I'd like to prove to Marvel DC etc. that I can do action and adventure. I've been doing nothing but realistic drama for far too long.

    Find more storyboard work in commercial/ live action (I really enjoyed the PSA) , and the usual animated work to pay the bills.

  • Hrmm... 2013 was pretty much a zero. Except...

    Dragon Con was amazeballs.

    Get Love is in the Blood back on track. Both the light novel and the graphic novel. Possibly a visual novel too.
    See if I can get anyone to read Perfect Agent since it rarely misses its weekly update yet traffic is nil.
    Get Striker Force MAGICA retooled and off the ground.
    Get Solar Harvest started.

    Actually, I'd just be happy to start writing again. Everything else should fall into place after that.

  • Well, here's what I said a year ago:
    1. Publication of STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE #3
    2. Two stories in the Strawberry Shortcake FCBD book
    3. Publication (I hope) of the next SS digests/trades
    4. Publication of SWEET DREAMS
    5. Publication of STRANGER, either by ourselves or with a publisher I've pitched to.
    6. In an ideal world, publication of OLD WOUNDS, although that may wind up being early 2014. Depends how fast @Johnbivens draws and how much of a slave-driver editor @pjperez is.
    7. I'll have a story with Marv in THE GRAPHIC TEXTBOOK
    Seven conventions, including a few new ones
    No WFH planned, nor am I pitching any.

    Looking back at the year, items 1-4 were accomplished. Items 5-7 were delayed.
    I also wrote the scripts to several new stories, :
    *Two pieces for AW YEAH COMICS (1 published in 2013, the other in 2014)
    *SURVIVAL, a self-published zombie story due in 2014
    *HARD TIME, for Omega Comics Presents in 2014
    *POKER, I HARDLY KNEW HER (was for Smut Peddler but wasn't accepted. I hope to self publish in 2014)

    In addition to those pieces, STRANGER, OLD WOUNDS and FIELD TRIP should be published in 2014. Marv and I also are at work on CALYPSO, which we hope will wind up in Dark Horse Presents. If not, it'll be our next mini comic.

    I did thirteen cons/events. My sales were up 29 percent from the previous year.
    My per-event average was up, as was my daily average.

    With GRAPHIC TEXTBOOK coming out in summer 2014 and the other books mentioned above, it should be another record year for me at cons. I'm branching out, too, including MegaCon in Orlando in March and a Canadian show in October.

  • "Write Unnamed Mini of Existing Property for Unknown (but different) Company
    Write Unnamed Ongoing for Same Company"

    I have no earthly idea what the fuck these might have been.
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    Isaac & Lee #7
    Sam Hawke - Crime's Client #2
    Space Trucking #4
    The GOP project - I'd really like to finish the first issue
    The Guardian - I'd like to see some progress on this book, although I think I will likely be waiting and releasing it as a graphic novel
    I'd also like to get my website up and running on a regular basis

    Suffice to say that 2013 was a bad year.... although I just realised that I also released another mini-comic Keeping His Promise, which didn't make the list for some reason or other.


    • GOP I'm rebuilding from the ground up, but I'm actively working on it, so I'm not as bad off as I could have been. Would like to be working on roughs at the very least by the end of the year.

    My websites are both running with relative regularity, but I would like to be a bit more active with them.

    Isaac & Lee #8 (I would like to have more than just one issue completed in 2014, but I know for sure that I can finish #8)

    Space Trucking #4 - I really just want to get it done. It's not long, it's pretty simple. I just need to finish it.

    Sam Hawke #3 - I'm hoping that this is the end of the series, but it really depends on where the script finishes off, so we'll see.

    Brochure and Mailing packages for retailers (this actually needs to be ready to go for January, so it's more of an immediate goal.

    Last minute experimental comics - because I know me well enough to know that I'm going to at least try some this coming year.
    • Up my convention attendance.
  • I guess I should add that I'm drawing a Robocop one-shot for BOOM! right now that will be out in 2014.
  • 2013
    I finished a 60 page, full color GN 
    I did 55-60 pages of another GN i'm writing.
    Plus like 25 pages of comics for anthologies
    and a bunch of illustrations and one page comics for magazines and books
    Also this was the year Josh Hechinger and me shelved R+M

    First order of business is finishing my GN
    Do some pitch work with Josh and Ryan (i'm very excited about that)
    I'll try to finally "break-in" on the US market, which means I want some paying gigs.
    I've lined up work (concept, storyboards) with a mexican director for a movie about the death of Che Guevara.
    Excited about 2014, honestly.
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