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  • 2014:
    Kept the weekly Glorianna and Lady Spectra webcomics going.
    Published Fantasy Theater #24.
    Short story "The Maze and the Mirror" for Robin Childs' Kickstarter.
    A handful of pin-ups/guest art for various webcomics.
    Started brainstorming ideas for OGN "Oblique".


    Keep Lady Spectra going (got a decent backlog of material, so should be no problem).
    Get Glorianna to a stopping point so I can put it on hiatus (almost there).
    Start in earnest on "Oblique" (ideally I'd finish it, but unlikely).
    Publish Fantasy Theater #25.
    More pin-ups.
    Assemble at least one of those TPB collections I've been threatening to publish for years now.
  • Every time I participate in this thread it ends up in tears, hahah!
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    What I got done in 2014:

    - Rewrote an essay about mind control in comics for a sociological anthology. I'm mentioning that because it's the first thing I did this year. It's also the last thing I did in 2013.
    - Set up a web shop for PANEL, a magazine/publisher I'm sometimes working with. Again, not a comic, but I needed to get that out of the way before I could even start working on my own stuff.
    - Published Book 4 (German) of Conny Van Ehlsing. Included a lot of redrawing to the point of rewriting (turning four-pagers into six-pagers and stuff.)
    - Wrapped what I had for my new concept Full Moon into a little presentation to submit to a funding contest. Didn't win, of course, but it did help straighten out the concept.
    - Created some much-lauded illustration work to a friend's ongoing cyberpunk story in our magazine BOM13.
    - Redesigned my web site to emphasize the webcomic even more. The new design succeeded in freeing me to be more ... daring with my comic layouts ever since.
    - Finally, after lots of not-so-much, got back into the habit of running both webcomics almost every week.
    - Visited three conventions including a new one in my agenda, although it's doubtful I'll attend that one again any time soon.
    - Created and presented a five minute slide presentation about Conny Van Ehlsing that I planned and completely failed to turn into an online presentation since.
    - Did my ususal share of blogging, writing articles and networking.

    What I didn't do in 2014:

    - Finished either of my new comic projects that I'd been meaning to work on this year, neither Full Moon nor Criminal Energy. Heck, I didn't even contact ESA about my Full Moon research questions.
    - Started a Patreon campaign for my webcomics as long as not everybody is doing it. This won't be easier next year.
    - Transitioned to Manga Studio 5 because I still haven't had the time to figure it out properly.
    - Launched two more web sites I've been meaning to get done before, uh, Fall, both of which will be haunting and hindering me a lot next year.
    - Compiled and submitted English Conny Van Ehlsing books to Create Space, ComiXology and the likes.
    - Nor German Ebooks to Mad Dog Comics, for that matter.

    What I'm planning for 2015:

    - All of the above.
    - Figure out more conventions to attend.
    - Write and draw my very first Western for the second ANDERS anthology.
    - Compile some of my Gate Crash comics for a new series at Edition PANEL. Which is part of why it was so important to set up that site before.
    - Write a book for the editor of the sociological anthology I've contributed to this year because he said he'd like that. Still looking for a topic, though.
    - Blog more.
    - Get some more freelance work to finance all this (or a job. By mid-year, a job is going to look like a mighty good idea).
    - Set up a portfolio that's more accessable than the current one because, see above.

    All in all, 2014, being the last year I could afford to waive paid work in favor of  my own projects, didn't turn out that way at all because stuff kept getting in the way. Now I've got to do all that in 2015 (as far as I can) while also pursuing my original 2015 plan of getting paid work again.

    I think I'm going to sleep a lot in 2016.
  • 2014 books completed:
    -- Reading with Pictures volume 2
    -- Killer Queen anthology
    -- Albert the Alien volume 1
    -- @$$hole! volume 3
    -- Aw Yeah Comics #7

    2015 books (so far): 
    -- The Fan
    -- Los Ojos
    -- Albert the Alien volume 2
    -- Some more stuff I can't talk about yet
  • I'm sure I'm repeating myself....

    2014 was a crappy year for WFH. I did  a cluster of 4 government PSA storyboards and 1 animation storyboard in spring/early summer and one more animation board before Christmas. I started another this week but I'm counting it as next years. I couldn't find steady work anywhere, and I spent so much of the year looking that I swear I got less done on my comics projects than I would have if I'd had a full slate of work. The lack of storyboards got me itching to look for comics work though...

    What I did accomplish.... 

    Not comics, but I joined/formed a band. We began playing a regular weekly house gig every THursday starting last March as well as the odd corporate and bar gig around town. It's probably the most consistent gigging I've ever done and the first band work in ten years. I'm having fun with it. 

    I've been picking away at Wahoo Morris since I finished the Damon Runyon Book last year (with Derek for Image). I started posting weekly pages again on June 23rd and have maintained the weekly schedule since. I should maintain that schedule until the final page which is scheduled for December 2nd, 2015.

    I didn't finish the book, but I'm a half dozen pages away from the end with  finishing details scattered throughout roughly 12 pages.

    I got the first two issues up on Comixology Submit. Would have got more up but I didn't factor in the slow acceptance time.


    Finish Wahoo Morris. How many times have I said that........ barring acts of God it should happen this time!

    Publish the Weekly WAHOO MORRIS until Wednesday December 2nd 2015.

    Get issue 3 to 10 up on Comixology.

    The plan is,  starting some time this week, to start submitting once a month until I'm done. Issues 3 and 4 are done and ready to go. Issue 5 requires some colour balance corrections to the cover art (I didn't like it after output) and a final check of the back matter. Issues 6 needs colouring of the cover and back matter. 7 and 8 need covers and back matter. 9 needs some inking detailing, a cover and back matter and 10 needs some inking, a cover and back matter. Not insignificant work on top of a full storyboard schedule.

    Publish WAHOO MORRIS BOOK TWO in the same digest format as book one. Hopefully by the summer, depending on con schedules.

    Hit a convention or two. I haven't done one since TCAF in 2009 and Baltimore Comic Con in 2007 was my last U.S. Con. I'm overdue. I told myself I wouldn't do anymore until I could answer the question "When is the next Wahoo MOrris book coming out?'.

    Find and start my next project. I want to do something that will get me some exposure. Image, IDW, Dark Horse, Boom, whatever, as long it has the potential for either sales or visibility. Working with an established writer is the goal as well.

    Try to get some comics WFH. I haven't even thought about trying since I started storyboarding almost 7 years ago. Sadly I had some connections and a little bit of traction at the time as a few Marvel Editors were aware of me as I came in the top 30 of C.B. Cebulski's ChesterQuest. But the boards started coming and I had a wedding to pay for, and then a house to pay for, and the boards didn't dry up until 2014. Real money in hand is a lot more compelling than the possibility of maybe getting some work. It's time to try again, though...

    And, continue boarding. I'm doing a Nerds and Monsters Board right now and I'm supposed to do another Hasbro property in February with the potential of running into July.

    I'd like all of the above (the in hand projects) to be done by July so I can be free to look for WFH comics  and whatever the next comic project will be once the schedule lightens in July.
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    Yes, it's time again to take a bow and set new goals. You're welcome to refer back to what you thought you'd accomplish a year ago, but I'm not asking about what you didn't do... I'm asking about what you did do, and what you will do.

    What did you get done in 2015?
    I don't mean necessarily published, or even finished (but that counts too)... just how far did you get on your projects?  What did you accomplish in the past 12 months?

    What will you get done in 2016?
    This can include new projects and things you've already started, that will (gods permitting) reach a state of completion.  What do you hope to brag about 12 months from now?
  • 2015

    No where near as productive as I needed it to be.
    • Space Trucking #4 finally completed
    • Sam Hawke #3 completed
    • Isaac & Lee #8 finally completed
    • Script for #9 complete and some of the pages have been penciled
    • Grotto Script reworked  but not complete...yet.


    • Isaac & Lee #9 completed
    • Isaac & Lee #10 completed
    • Isaac & Lee #11 at least scripted, ideally completed
    • Sam Hawke #4 Completed
    • Space Trucking Completed
    • Grotto of Poppies rough pencils done at the very least
    • Megiddo at least outlined
    • Melody outlined
    • Tedieval outlined
    • Ryn's Turn - first draft completed (but I'll be happy if I even get a solid outline done)
    • At least one of my father's novels published (likely through the Sparks program)
    It sounds like an ambitious list except when you realise that I have all of these in my head, I just have to get them all down on paper....which is the real trick.
  • 2014 books completed:
    -- Reading with Pictures volume 2
    -- Killer Queen anthology
    -- Albert the Alien volume 1
    -- @$$hole! volume 3
    -- Aw Yeah Comics #7

    2015 books (productivity went way down, but life events went way up): 
    -- The Fan
    -- Albert the Alien volume 2

    2016 books (the year of Albert):
    -- Los Ojos
    -- Albert the Alien volume 3
    -- Lil' Albert
    -- Albert the Alien activity book
    -- Albert the Alien merch (t-shirts, plushies, etc)
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    What did you get done in 2015?

    --Published RED ANGEL DRAGNET, to some acclaim (overwhelmingly positive reviews, two best-of-the-year lists)
    --Finished the script for FAKE EMPIRE
    --Laid a lot of groundwork for what's to come in '16

    What will you get done in 2016?

    In order of likelihood:
    --Publish FAKE EMPIRE (March), my first Diamond-distributed book (through Darby Pop/Magnetic Press)
    --First Big Two credit (intentional vagueness, but this is a thing that's happening!)
    --Find a home for and publish NO ANGEL (has cleared the IDW creative committee, waiting for a yea/nay as it moves up the food chain) 
    --Launch the RED ANGEL DRAGNET B-Sides project (quasi-sequel consisting of 4 page short stories, monthly)
    --Find a home for and publish ATLANTIS WASN'T BUILT FOR TOURISTS.

  • Drew most of the second volume of Love is in the Blood, a couple of shorts for Charlton Neo (I'd would be nice to see them in print), the first (of 3) stories for SLY (started drawing the second) and wrote and drew an eight page story (Not Wrapped Tight) for Cemetery Plots.

    Next year. Finish up the second and third stories for SLY by mid-year and then start learning to oil paint.
  • 2015 Work Published:
    Published the new Sixsmiths GN and a reprint of the old. (Main work was completed in 2014 but editing and production happened this year.) 
    Published 1 short story ("Darkness Beyond") and 1 short comic ("The Old Portrait"). (Both completed in 2014).

    2015 Work Completed:
    Finished the manuscript for my novel Shadowmancy.
    My first WFH comics gig. Never got off the ground but it was damn nice to get paid.
    First draft of a 10,000 words Bloody Waters novelette.
    Complete draft of "Exli and the Dragon", an SF novelette (10K words) for an anthology.
    Wrote half a first draft of my next novel, "Sorrow". 50K words.
    Overhaul of my manuscript XDA Zai. Ripped out about 10K words, wrote about 10K more. Hope to produce another 5K before New Year's.

    2015 Achievements:
    Spawned a healthy child; have not cooked and eaten it.
    Award nomination for Left Hand Path #1 (published in 2014)
    Short story "Metempsychosis" (pub 2014) reprinted in a year's best anthology.

    2015 Failures:
    Left Hand Path #2 still not done. Paul has drawn half of it but no new pages for more than a year.
    Publication of Shadowmancy deferred to 2016.

    2016 Work:
    2x "Gourmand Go" issues and a trade collection. I have assembled a team and have four scripts to write.
    2x McBlack issues to pencil. If I'm lucky I'll complete one of them.
    XDA Zai final edits and submission.
    Complete draft of Sorrow, edits and submission.
    The Prince: Need to finish this script. Hopefully Daniel can crank out some pages and we can pitch in 2016.
    TBD pitch with artist Bruce Mutard.
    Resubmission of Faerie Apocalypse.
    Edit new BW story.

    2016 Expected Publications:
    New BW short
    "Exli and the Dragon"

    2016 Likely Failures:
    Shadowmancy publisher is wobbling.
    Left Hand Path #2 unlikely.

    2016 Desired Goals:
    Sell a book to a Big Four publisher
    See the Sixsmiths carried by Diamond again (I reckon it's 50/50)
    Get a new comic up and running and see it distributed properly 
  • I like "ATLANTIS WASN'T BUILT FOR TOURISTS", @EricPalicki! Good title!
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    Anthology stories 
    *"Ticket Trick", a two-pager that had been sitting around for years, got into Stuck in the Gutters 3
    *"Zombies vs. Cavemen" got into Out of the Blue volume 2
    *"Bobby Ore" got into Epic Canadiana 2
    *"Zane-The Initiation" and "Smash Atom-The Arachnid Assignment" got into Alterna's IF anthology 
    *"That Long Old Lonesome Road" got into 27, from Red Stylo and Action Lab
    *"Cons-pear-acy Theory" got into Crazy, from Chainsaw Comics

    Longer Projects 
    *"Courage" found a home at The Red King Press. Published.  

    anthologies (that I know about so far) -
    *I've got a story set to appear in Rock is not Dead, a Canadian music anthology
    *I've got a story set to appear in a Comix Tribe project

    Longer projects - good odds 
    *"Blue Hour" continues to move forward. Line art for issue 4 is underway. Mid-to-late 2016 is the goal. Five issue series. 
    *"Fisk" had a successful KS and is almost ready to be unleashed. Early 2016. Four issue series.  
    *"Prometheus Code" - the first two issues are fully drawn. 3 of our 4 backup stories are done, or very close. I'd say mid-2016. Four issue series. 
    *My issue of DynaGirl will be this year. What a long, strange ride it's been with this project. One issue in an ongoing series. 
    *Gyrfalcon is done, just looking for a venue/home. It's a one-shot, single issue. 

    Longer projects - shaky odds but still possible for 2016
    *"Brunt" - stalled. Artist has vanished in the middle of issue 2. I have a thought about what to do, so this could still happen. Four issue series. 
    *"Community Service" - started up again, but the pace is slow. I'm ok with that. Maybe 2017 for this one. It's a short GN of 80 pages. 
    *"Idea Man" and "Smash Atom" are both underway. Smash Atom's first issue is fully penciled and Idea Man 1 is underway. Maybe late in the year...? But we'll see.
    *"Pounce" - This is a new thing that came up recently. The artist I worked with on Courage was looking for a new project. Not sure when we'll see it, but it's underway.

    Other than that, I'm writing, writing, writing. 

  • 2015
    ...I'd honestly rather not spend too much time thinking about. Most of it was spent dealing with my health problems. In that time, I *did* get the following work out:

    "The Fly" #1-5 and TPB
    "The Harvester" #1-10
    "Godzilla in Hell" #4

    I have one series I'm under contract for, for a minimum of 12 issues.

    I'm hoping to add 12-24 more issues to that, either one or two ongoing series or an ongoing and 12 issues of miniseries. I've got something like 12 projects I'm pitching; I'll be back to beating the bushes on those as soon as the New Year hits and people are back in the office.
  • I feel I ought to participate, but I go no idea what all I actually did this past year.


    End of Strode
    More Spread
    Unannounced crime book
    Unannounced other crime book.

    I hypothetically have a GN greenlit, but no paperwork yet. Two of the things above are actually done, writingwise, but they'll be out next year.

    Lots of other stuff in the fire, pitchwise.
  • 2015
    The Empty (1 - 6) + trade
    CBLDF cover
    French editions of Five Weapons

    Power Lines
    Maybe.... maybe... a new Bomb Queen mini-series.

    Fuck my list is lame and short.
    I'm feeling... I dunno... weird about a lot of things.
    It's like I'm not doing enough.

    Also, 2016 (crossing fingers about stuff in Hollywood)
  • One, perhaps two, series. Plus some Hollywood possibilities. Plenty of creators would love that.
  • 2015:
    Ummmm. Mike Fortune 8-pager in Dark Horse Presents in about October. I think that's all. Ugghhhh. A lot of misses pitch-wise and a lot of getting over a painful work termination and a painful breakup where Amala's Blade was concerned.

    SATELLITE FALLING launches in May from IDW! It runs for at least 5 issues and will convert to an ongoing if the sales and critics support it. And I'd really like to get another creator owned series and/or a work for hire series to add to that mix. I've had a lot of opportunities to pitch both, just need to land something.

  • 2015:
    - Doomsday #2
    - 2 picture books for a schoolbook publisher
    - some illustrations

    That's it, I guess: I've never had such little output in such a long time. Due to circumstances I didn't have stuff to draw for, like, 3 months. 
    Oh, and 5 pages of something personal that I never finished... I just cannot get enthused of working for myself. It's a bad habit and I need to snap out of it.

    - Doomsday #3

    and that's the only thing confirmed for now... I really need to have new stuff.
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    What did you get done in 2015?

    At the end of 2015 I will have published 140 pages of JAQrabbit Tales this year.  I'm not sure how much of that was produced during 2015, maybe half of it ... and not all of it done by me of course: Rick Worley, Tim Twelves, Marvin Mann, and Zlatan Maric all drew stories.

    Two anthologies that I'd done pieces for last year came out: Connections (suicide prevention), and Geeks Out: Power (queer superheroes). And I did a new story for Artists against Police Brutality.

    Not an accomplishment in comic-making but in being a comic-maker: I attended the first Queers & Comics conference in NYC, which was instructional and inspirational.

    What will you get done in 2016?

    I've been putting off posting this because ... I don't know. At this point because of my employment situation I don't know whether I'll spend 2016 short on time or short on money (or perhaps both). If I'll be short on money I can't hire people to draw. If I'm short on time I won't be able to do it myself.  Either way, I know I won't be able to sustain the same rate of publishing Tales... 100 pages is probably more realistic. And at some point I'm going to have to get some of this into print, which will of course require investments of both time and money.

    I'm going to try to get at least a couple non-Tales projects going too.  Maybe start on scripting that zombie story. Or get back to scripting my reboot of the Gospels. Or start riding herd on Zlatan drawing my Peter Pan sequel.
  • Ooh, right, I should be dioing this anyway...

    2015 achievements:
    - Maxfiles 1 (book);
    - Participation in a webcomics sticker album project;
    - 4 cons, out of 6 I had my eyes on;
    - Wrote about half a book about how to generate ideas;
    - launched a Patreon campaign and immediately gained 4 patrons;
    - contributed to the final issue of our download magazine BOM13 and
    - co-founded the follow-up magazine that I'm layouting now;
    - started writing comic reviews for a new magazine and getting paid for it for once;
    - the usual amount of webcomics, albeit with a stronger focus on cartoons.

    Not quite achieved (yet):
    - The 2 new comics I keep mentioning since 2013;
    - the other 329 patrons I'd need if I wanted to make a living of that;
    - any significant income.

    Actually, that's a pretty decent list of non-achievements. Well, at least it's short.

    2016 plans:
    - That new magazine, mo:no, issues 0 and 1;
    - the rest of that book;
    - Conny Van Ehlsing book 5 (in German);
    - Maxfiles #2;
    - Anders #2 (anthology I'm collaborating on);
    - some book in English;
    - more cons;
    - ooh, and some paid work would be nice.

    2016 nice-to-haves:
    - There's another non-fiction book I've been putting off. I've got the deal, but I don't have a topic yet;
    - Those two new comics, obviously.

    Yes, I'm trying to keep my lists modest this year. Mostly because I'll likely have to look for a job at some point and that takes time, too.
  • 2015

    Nothing really. Lots of sketchbookery, but no paid work at all. I had too much to do on too many other fronts. "Survival work" came first.


    Get back into practicing on a regular basis. Maybe by year's end, I'll have an organized portfolio.

    Anything else will be gravy atop the potatoes.
  • Consider this your annual check-in. Two questions, as we leave the annus horribilis of 2016 behind:

    What did you get done in 2016?
    I don't mean necessarily published, or even finished (but that counts too)... just how far did you get on your projects? What did you accomplish in the past 12 months?

    What will you get done in 2017?
    This can include new projects and things you've already started, that will (gods permitting) reach a state of completion. What will you brag about 12 months from now?
  • What did you get done in 2016?

    Sold a 15 page Guardians of the Galaxy story to Marvel. The story -- "Most Dangerous in the Universe" - spotlighted Kitty Pryde and Gamora and appeared as a backup in Guardians of Infinity #6.

    Published the 80 page graphic novel Fake Empire through Darby Pop/Magnetic Press.

    Published No Angel #1, a collaboration with my sister, through Black Mask Studio. The book sold out at the distributor list and went to press for a second printing. Reviews have been positive, too.

    Wrote the complete graphic novel Atlantis Wasn't Built for Tourists. The book is, as of now, fully illustrated by Wendell Cavalcanti and looking for a home.

    Wrote the first issue of a new series, Legendary Weapons, also being illustrated by Wendell.

    What will you get done in 2017?

    In order, roughly, from guaranteed to pie-in-the-sky...

    My guaranteed projects for 2017 include short stories in two Kickstarter anthologies: "Oubliette" for Steve Ekstrom's TERMINAL and "Body Electric" for a Lana Del Rey tribute book.

    I'm also going to be running a KS horror anthology of my own, toward the end of Q1.

    No Angel #2-4 are coming. Issue 2 lands on 18th January

    I signed a contract with a new boutique publisher, Jamestown, to republish Red Angel Dragnet as a 4 issue mini through Diamond.

    In addition to that, I'd like to find homes for Atlantis Wasn't... and Legendary Weapons (the latter is in Black Mask's queue, but it's not necessarily a BMS book in tone or tenor).

    I'm hoping to expand my convention presence, nail down another Big Two gig of any length, get some WFH gigs generally (hoping to nail down something for Boom! and Dynamite in 2017; discussions are ongoing), move to LA, get my name on a book with an Image 'I'. 
  • 2016? Nothing but survival work in unrelated fields. As usual.

    2017? No idea. At all.
  • 2016 - The year that was

    Fisk: The S.U.B.S.T.I.T.U.T.E. - a four issue min-series collected as a trade paperback from Underbelly Comics. I had a great time working with Shawn Richison on this...he's an amazing collaborator.

    Blue Hour (the first three issues of a five part mini) - published by Action Lab Comics and illustrated by Chad Cicconi, who helped me add a lot of great nuance and character to the story.

    Origin Point - Shawn and I co-wrote this four issue mini. The line-art is done, and now it's looking for a home.

    -Silver Linings appeared in Rock is Not Dead from 11th Dimension Press
    -Midnight Shooters appeared in Simply Sinful from Hellcat Press
    -The Shot Heard 'Round The Worlds appeared in Stuck in the Gutters #4

    2017 - the year that might be

    Issues 4 and 5 of Blue Hour, from Action Lab...followed, hopefully, by a trade paperback.

    anthologies (that I know about so far)
    -I'll have a short story in Toronto Comics volume 4
    -I'll have a short story in Grayhaven's Music anthology
    -Maybe the Comixtribe anthology will be published...not sure about its schedule

    A small publisher has picked up an early one-shot of mine to republish...should be this year.
    (The book is called Crossroads, the publisher is Prismatic Press)

    -Exit Interview, illustrated by Shawn Richison
    -The Piece, illustrated by Michael Odom

  • Le Sigh.

    Wrote and produced an 8 page WFH short for a trampoline arena.
    Sold and published a 9000 word SF novelette.
    Sold my second novel (well, actually this is my third official novel sale, but it's my second novel really.)
    Wrote Monochrome One Shot.
    Rescinded a completed, typeset, edited novel just before it could be published. 

    2017 for defs:
    Sixsmiths volumes 1 and 2 will be out through Diamond.
    Faerie Apocalypse will be published and distributed.
    Gourmand Go should be out. It just needs colouring at the moment, so there's no reason it wouldn't. 
    Smiling Damned mini-anthology.

    2017 maybes:
    Left Hand Path #2 is apparently back on Paul's schedule, so I guess we'll see that this year. Don't know who will publish at this point. At this rate all five issues will be completed by 2030.
    Monochrome, I hope.

    Pitches (I hope):
    Monster book with Shana O'Meara
    Urban Fantasy/Philosophy of Science book with Bruce Mutard
    The Prince with Dan Watts

    Other work on my plate:
    Finish cleaning up XDA Zai and submit the shit out of it. 
    Complete first drafts of Sorrow and Blackened Skies

  • edited January 2017

    My accomplishments this past year were as tentative as my plans:
    • As I somehow predicted, I posted just over 100 pages of assorted JAQrabbit Tales stuff. That's down from the previous year because my diminishing supply made me stingier about posting multiple pages at a time, and because I suspended posting comix pages altogether in September, instead....
    • I launched a new "Travel Tales" feature, combining prose with my vacation snapshots and spot illustrations.
    • I had two Tales reprinted in RFD magazine.
    • I colored a 6-pager for Jason Franks.
    • I did a 1-pager for Gun Controlled, a small-press reaction to Pulse/Orlando.
    • I pitched Self-ish for the Creators for Creators grant.

    This is even more tentative, because of my financial/work situation.
    • I plan to keep posting the "Travel Tales" thru the summer, so it'll be a full year when it's done. I have 17 of those episodes planned (a few of them left to write and illustrate), and interleaved with 17 character sketches and 18 pin-ups that adds up to 52 weeks.
    • In September I'll resume posting comix. There's some hopeful thinking involved in that going smoothly: I'm counting on getting some artists working on scripts this year, but that depends on me getting a new income.
    • Likely total pages published in 2017: about 60.
    • I'll be making my first public appearance, at the second Queers & Comix conference in SF in April, on a panel about presenting bisexual characters in comics.
    • I'd like to get some new air and fresh blood into this site. Nothing wrong with the people here, but I think we've all heard what we all have to say about the topics we've talked about, and I think it would be valuable for us – and for those who haven't been here – to do some outreach and build on what this community offers.
  • 2016

    Too dismal to think about.


    I don't even fucking know, dude. I don't even fucking know.
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