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  • Yeah. It'd be hard to do worse than I did this year, that's for sure!
  • Despite remarkable personal upheval and medical crises, 2016 kicked ass when it came to my comics work.

    * Five of my short stories republished in THE BEST OF OMEGA COMICS PRESENTS VOL. 2
    * Incredibly successful speaking gig at the Clark County Library in Las Vegas
    * A remarkably strong year at cons. Even though sales were down at many shows, so were my expenses. And I had a few shows where the arrow went up instead of down. Also, I did fewer shows, all in the Midwest, and I should show a nice profit for the IRS. 
    * Found artists for several comics and guided the projects through the production process, including our own Marvin Mann, Shawn Richison and Craig Taillefer.
    *But, I barely wrote anything new. Chalk that up to depression, anxiety and not really having anything to say.

    *DINNER AT DANTE'S to be published in February
    *BUSTED to be published in the late winter/early spring
    *TERROR FIRMA to be published in summer
    *RUBICON to be published in summer
    *Exhibiting at fewer cons this year. Looking like: Anime Milwaukee, Anime Iowa and Wizard World Chicago, and maybe Anime Midwest and Wizard World Orlando. Plus fcbd event and other various one-day gigs.
    *Will finish writing SUMMER
    *Considering going to Florida for a bookstore event in spring/summer
  • 2016

    This was the year where I worked more on scheduling rather than production. I already knew that I wouldn't be able to focus on putting out a bunch of books as I would have to figure out where novel writing and publishing would fit in with comics.

    What did I accomplish?
    * I figured out how I write, how long it takes for me to write a book. (I'm still trying to figure out how long it takes to edit a book however)
    * Got through, the first round of edits for "Who Would Destroy the Gods"
    * Wrote the first draft of a novella
    * Began outlining another novel
    * finished outlining/thumbnailing Isaac & Lee #10
    * finished the script (final version) for the first issue of Grotto of Poppies
    * Sam Hawke #4 ready to print (after one final overview)
    * Isaac & Lee #9 complete and printed
    * co-hosted a panel on self-publishing (I provided the comics side of self-publishing)
    * sent off a submission to a sci-fi noir anthology and was asked for the rest of the story (I really need to follow up with them to find out where it went)
    * Issac's Run #3 was collected
    * appeared on a podcast, (not sure if/when it was to air as he had to re-record me due to major technical problems)
    * tested out Wattpad as a way of trying to get beta readers (didn't work)


    This year is all about finishing what I've started last year.

    * Who Would Destroy the Gods - to be published as ebook and print copy (ideally ready for Calgary, but definitely ready for When Words Collide)
    * Issac & Lee #10 - published
    * Sam Hawke #5 - published
    * Isaac's Run #4 - collected
    * Isaac & Lee Collected Works #2 - published

    Shining Hopefuls
    * Grotto of Poppies #1 - published
    * Space Trucking #5 - published
    * Covers for Isaac's Run recreated (format redone and released to Ka-Blam)
    * The Chronicler - final edit complete
    * two of my father's shorter novels edited
    * Grotto of Poppies #2 - script completed

    * everything on Shining Hopefuls list complete
    * draft for Silverfang complete
    * a third book of my father's edited
    * story mining some of my father's ideas (the ideas not the finished novels)
    * Isaac & Lee #11, #12 and #13 published
    * Grotto of Poppies #2, #3 and #4 published
  • 2016 was more of a year of life changes than comic productivity, but here goes: 

    2016: Life
    -- Bought a house, moved to the suburbs
    -- Had a baby girl
    -- Bought an SUV (because baby girl takes up a lot of space)

    2016: Comics
    -- Los Ojos from Pop! Goes the Icon
    -- Omega Comics Presents from Pop! Goes the Icon
    -- Albert the Alien webcomic (didn't miss an update); nominated for our second Harvey Award
    -- Zootopia prequel comic for Joe Books (unpublished, but paid)
    -- Over 16 convention appearances, more than half of which as a guest

    2016: Media
    -- Several Nostalgia Critic videos, including Batman V Superman
    -- Several Awesome Comics episodes, including hosting the Batman '66 debate
    -- Reprising my role as Lex Luther in the Channel Awesome Christmas Snydering production

    2017: Comics goals
    -- ALBERT THE ALIEN vol 3: HOME LIFE (Kickstarter will launch in February)
    -- More episodes of the NC and Awesome Comics, I'm sure
    -- Starting a video series for my Patreons, maybe syndicated on my YouTube page
    -- 1-2 untitled self-published graphic novels
    -- 3-5 pitches for publishers, minimum 
    -- 5 convention appearances (and maybe a few panels and single-day library shows)
        -- I'm cutting back on cons in 2017 because of the baby, but will kick it back up again in 2018
    -- Maybe start a prose novel...just because ;)
  • 2016:
    My personal and day job lives were awesome. Moved to South Florida and got an amazing job. My relationship with my family couldn't be better.

    Published three issues of Satellite Falling at IDW to great sales and unbelievable critical acclaim.

    Then the wheels fell off, to put it mildly.

    In 2017, we're back on track with a new artist and 2-7 more issues. And a fabulous TPB.

    HERE THERE BE DRAGONS with Lara Margarida is next up and will hopefully land somewhere soon.

    Also pitching the next Iron Circus anthology with a fantastic rabbit mage story and fantastic artist.

    Also pitching Doctor Who. Talk about a dream gig...
  • Okay, I'll play for real.

    Only wrote about six finished issues of comics. Really shitty year. Tried to launch some projects, but my window of being not-depressed only lasted for about three and a half months this summer, and I just didn't have my shit together.

    Wrote probably 100k of short stories — just personal projects that I don't want to share with people. So, that's a bit better.

    Moving to Austin for the winter, hoping to leave my depression behind me in the gray of the Northwest. We'll see if it works. (I need it to work. If I can't get back to work on writing once I get there, I need to find an actual day job.)

    Frankly, I'm not sure how involved I want to be in comics right now. I've had pretty much nothing but frustrations working with collaborators, editors and publishers for the last little while, and I'm burned out. So, what to do instead?

    I'd like to start writing novels. But that's still really intimidating. Also, I'd need to figure out what novel to do first.

    I want to still do comics, but I'd prefer to be choosier about them — and to have the freedom to do some that are just fun but aren't going to make me money. (For instance, our own Shawn Richison and I are working on a Star Wars fan comic. Definitely fun; definitely not going to make me any money!)

    On a more personal note, I'd like to start self-publishing erotica short stories. I've wanted to do that for a while, and never have. And there's certainly money to be made there, if you hit the right niche audience!

    That's most of it. Comics that are fun; novels; erotica.
  • There's a place called The Writer's Cafe at Kboards, and you can learn a huge amount about self publishing. Erotica is totally a moneymaker.
  • And the just for fun thing - well, that's why I do Carpool Buddies of Doom, and I've indirectly made a decent chunk off of it. It's entirely kickstarted Rafer's career, though, and made him tons of cash. You never know.
  • Thanks for the tip! Yeah, erotica can make heaps if you handle it right.

    The just for fun thing is super personal. Not anything I'd want to show anybody, and not something commercial. Thanks for the tip on that too, though!
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    It's that time of year again: time to count our accomplishments in the past year, and claim our ambitions for the next!

    * I attended the second "Queers & Comix" conference, this time as a presenter, not just a participant. With the aid of a few stiff drinks, I successfully stammered my way thru a Q&A session about bisexuality in comics, and did an interview with a friendly documentarian (whose feature about gay porn comix may someday get finished). I also shook hands with a bunch of people I try to think of as my peers. As a personal-accomplishment item, I also made it to the Left Coast for the first time, and spent a few hours exploring Queer Mecca.
    * Related to that, I ran my first online begging crowdfunding campaigns: one to raise money for my plane fare, and another to replace my shattered drawing tablet. Neither met its goals, but I got my feet wet, and – also importantly – raised some money.
    * I finished up the year-long JAQrabbit Travel Tales series, filling in with illustrated prose while I work on more comix. The stats show that I lost a big chunk of my audience (even after returning to comix), but at least I held onto the rest.
    * The flip side of that is that I got enough comix done to return to posting them every week. Not as much "in the drawer" as I hoped – largely because I couldn't afford to hire anybody, also depression – but... enough. I'm cranking them out.
    * I did some paid coloring work, first for Jason Franks' Smiling Damned book, and just now finishing up as one of a few colorists doing a rush job for a series called Captain China for a small U.S. publisher.

    * It sounds like the Captain China folks will have more work this year that I'd be able to do. The feedback on what I've done for them this year is good, at least.
    * More JAQrabbit Tales, of course. I have a schedule of stories mapped out for the year, and – gods willing and the creek don't rise – I should be able to keep up with it. I have a part-time job now that doesn't suck, so some money's coming in, which means I might be able to hire an artist or two, and I know someone who wants to do a piece for just shared copyright in that story.
    * [deep breath] I'm gonna pitch this fucker to a publisher. Either the queer-lit-comics publisher, or the queer-porn-comics publisher.
    * I'd still like to get some other projects underway, but realistically: probably not.
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    2017 - the year that was

    full issues
    -Issues 4 and 5 of Blue Hour, from Action Lab
    -trade paperback of Blue Hour, from Action Lab
    -one shot (CROSSROADS) published by Prismatic Press (digital only, on Comixology)

    -"No Hit Wonder" was published in Toronto Comics, volume 4 (Yonge at Heart)
    -"One Armed Bandits" was published in Red Stylo's Vegas-themed anthology (The Strip)
    -"Confidence Game" was published in Oneshi Press Quarterly (athology #2)

    2018 - the year that might be

    -I'll have a short story in Grayhaven's Music anthology. I thought this would come out in 2017, but it got pushed back.
    -Maybe the Comixtribe anthology will be published...not sure about its schedule
    -@ShawnRichison and I did a short story for a benefit anthology. The book didn't meet the funding goal. Not sure what'll happen with that.
    -I wrote a script for a thing that was pretty cool. It's an inventory story right now, but I'm hopeful it'll happen in 2018.
    -Shawn and I have some cool news about FISK: THE S.U.B.S.T.I.T.U.T.E. for 2018.

    Pitching Origin Point, written by Shawn and I. Working on a bunch of stuff that I just codenamed in my worklog. A personal goal is to make contact with editors and pitch.
    I'm excited about 2018. Looking forward to making some comics.
  • @JasonAQuest ... Some good irons in the fire. Much success to you, sir! :smiley:
  • Well, this is a bit depressing. I guess a lot of my spare time and energy went into school and day job last year, and this year will likely be no different/
    Sixsmiths limped back into the Direct Market
    Self published Smiling Damned #1
    Sold a Sherlock Holmes story that came out in a pretty sweet hardcover anthology
    Completed the rewrites of my third novel, XDA Zai
    Pitched some Phantom stories.
    Faerie Apocalypse out January 15th. Delayed from 2017
    Gourmand Go, probably? Also delayed from 2017.
    Shadowmancy, I think? Delayed from 2015.
    I've got four prose short stories burning a hole in my hard drive and I'd love to sell at least two of them to some pro-caliber markets; get myself active status int he HWA and SFWA. I think the stories are good enough but it is incredibly competitive to get into the recognized markets.
    Should have some short comic stories out, too.
    Complete the final proofing of XDA Zai and start pitching it around.
    Try not to die in a fire.
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    I'm shaking my head at 2017's goals. I see now that some of these goals were totally unrealistic. But then again, to be fair, I didn't know that some of these were unrealistic until I began working towards them. Which, learning what is realistic and how the editing process will be working for me was invaluable so not a bad thing. I got my basic goals achieved and was able to touch on some of my shining hopefuls as well as my pie-in-the-sky goals.


    * Who Would Destroy the Gods - to be published as ebook and print copy (ideally ready for Calgary, but definitely ready for When Words Collide)
    * Issac & Lee #10 - published
    * Sam Hawke #5 - published
    * Isaac's Run #4 - collected
    * Isaac & Lee Collected Works #2 - published

    Shining Hopefuls
    * Grotto of Poppies #1 - published
    * Space Trucking #5 - published
    * Covers for Isaac's Run recreated (format redone and released to Ka-Blam)
    * The Chronicler - final edit complete
    * two of my father's shorter novels edited
    * Grotto of Poppies #2 - script completed

    * everything on Shining Hopefuls list complete
    * draft for Silverfang complete
    * a third book of my father's edited
    * story mining some of my father's ideas (the ideas not the finished novels)
    * Isaac & Lee #11, #12 and #13 published
    * Grotto of Poppies #2, #3 and #4 published


    * Isaac & Lee Collected Works #2 - published
    * Issac & Lee #11 & #12 - published
    * Sam Hawke #5 - published
    * Isaac's Run #6 - collected
    * Space Trucking #5 - published
    * Grotto of Poppies #1 - published
    * 40 - 52 short stories written (one per week is the goal)
    * Search for the Unicorns - released to beta readers and hopefully published

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    Haven't done this since the 2014/2015 season. I got tired of repeating the same goal and failing. :) This time last year I had no goals.... and started off the year blocked and unable to draw.



    In March/April I took two weeks off between storyboards and started working on the unfinished pages of Wahoo Morris.

    Went to my first con in 9 years in May.

    Finished the interior pages to Wahoo Morris Book 2 in June/July.

    Started building an email list in September - now at 409 subs and counting!

    Drew a shitload of covers for Comixology single editions of WM and other things. Coloured 'em all and started colouring another old project for future publication.

    Completed and submitted issues 7 - 10 of Wahoo Morris (and a one shot anthology) to Comixology (waiting on release of 8-10!)

    And...... (drum-roll) .... I closed out the year by running a successful Kickstarter to fund the printing of Wahoo Morris Book 2.

    Not that much actual drawing, and no new creating, but it was a bit of a watershed year in that I cleared a few big things off the to-do list and cleared the decks for a new start this year.


    January and February will be dedicated to getting WM Book 2 printed and the Kickstarter fulfilled.

    I will also be putting a lot of time, energy, and some money into email list building and marketing in advance of WM Book 2 getting listed in the March Previews and into comic book shops in May.

    I'm planning on starting to do cons again, though I will start slow. I've been invited to King Con in Kingston in March. I will do Ottawa in May, and hopefully ECCC (Moncton) in June. I'd like to do more TCaF style shows, so I will see what is out there. I will apply for a Pro badge for NYCC, though if I go it will probably just be to walk around and network.

    I plan to publish an TPB anthology of my older random short stories through Createspace. Just need a cover at this point.

    In new work goals, I have a pitch I agreed to draw that I would like to start drawing this week.

    I want to start drawing my creator owned follow up after that - a sequel to the old project I am currently picking away at colouring. I will launch both of those as limited edition floppies (Sian #1 & Sian #2) as two separate small Kickstarter campaigns as an audience building exercise. If it does well enough, I'll follow up with issue #3 and #4. Then (though we are probably talking 2019 here) a Kickstarter for a collected edition with a big enough print run to get into Previews and Comic shops.

    And, I would like to do some front-of-the-catalogue work for hire. That has been a dream deferred for too long.

    But.... to do all this, I need an action plan. Over the next week or two, with my wife's help, I will write a business plan for a career in comics. The plan is to figure out where I want to be 5 years from now, 3, 2, and 1 and work backwards figuring out how to get there. Then set weekly and quarterly goals and work towards actually achieving them.

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    @Craig_A_Taillefer If you are looking for more TCaf style events, may I suggest VanCaf?
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    NO ANGEL #2-4, wrapping the mini-series
    “Rule, Brittania” in the MANCHESTER UNBREAKABLE anthology
    “Body Electric” in Red Stylo’s BAROQUE POP anthology
    “Here are Dragons” in the MINE! Anthology for Planned Parenthood
    Successfully funded THIS NIGHTMARE KILLS FASCISTS via Kickstarter

    Eh. Not bad.


    Release TNKF
    NO ANGEL tpb
    “Fishbowl” in Adam Ferris’ THE GOOD FIGHT anthology

    ...and that’s all that’s set in stone. Kinda scary. Currently building some pitches in the hopes of having some work lined up for the second half of the year.
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    2017: Albert the Alien volume 3 was published, volume 4 was started online

    2018: Albert the Alien volume 4 will be published, the spiritual successor will be started; might also add some pitches in there somewhere
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    Issue 4 and 5 of Satellite Falling

    Conceived, wrote, found agent, found artist, and landed 5-figure book deal for Bowie book

    Laid off from day job


    Satellite Falling TPB published

    Working on book proposal and script for second music book, a Freddie Mercury thing. Found artist

    Picked up some fun comics-adjacent freelance gigs

  • @Craig_A_Taillefer

    "Over the next week or two, with my wife's help, I will write a business plan for a career in comics. The plan is to figure out where I want to be 5 years from now, 3, 2, and 1 and work backwards figuring out how to get there. Then set weekly and quarterly goals and work towards actually achieving them."

    Nice! Good for you. A five-year plan sounds like a really good idea. I've made some partially-finished business plans for my career before. This seems like a really good time to do an actual five-year plan.

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    I'm late to the party, but: 2017: Self published Dinner at Dante's, which quickly became my fastest-selling self-published book; Self-published Busted with our own Shawn Richison; Self-published Rubicon with our own Marvin Mann and Shawn Richison, among others; Work reprinted in The Best of Omega Comics Presents V2. 2018: Self-publishing TERROR FIRMA; Writing and pitching SUMMER to an anthology; Writing and pitching 4-issue SHOUT to various publishers; May go into second printing for Dinner at Dante's, which would be a first for my self-published books
  • 2017:
    ALBERT THE ALIEN vol 3 was funded on Kickstarter and self-published
    I also worked on a number of pitches for the year, none of which were published in 2017

    ALBERT THE ALIEN vol 4 will be Kickstarted and self-published (the final volume!)
    I'm working on a number of new pitches, which I'll shop around to the publishers but am also okay with self-publishing. MYSTIC MOVERS and BEYOND THE PILLARS are my primary focus at the moment, with the ESCAPE FROM ZULU 36 (working title) successor to ALBERT THE ALIEN also in the works.
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    Happy New Year, everyone!

    Short comic appeared in Sliced Quarterly issue 11.
    One pager appeared in Dead Singers Society issue 4. Very lucky to work with our own @ShawnRichison on this one.
    FISK: The S.U.B.S.T.I.T.U.T.E. was released in single issues digitally and then in trade paperback by Caliber Comics. Again, @ShawnRichison did amazing work.

    Sliced Quarterly collection/trade paperback will feature my short.
    Local Haunts anthology will feature a short comic I wrote.
    I have a short comic appearing in a zine/antho based on CCR songs.
    Maybe the Grayhaven Music book, the PR benefit book and the Comixtribe Oxymoron anthos will come out. Maybe.

    I'm waiting to hear back on a few anthology submissions.
    @ShawnRichison and I will continue to look for a home for Origin Point.
    Some pitching will happen.

    I'm looking forward to 2019. I'm feeling excited about making some comics!
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    Happy New Year @DinoCaruso and to everyone in the forum!
    * Isaac & Lee Collected Works #2 - published - Didn't happen :disappointed:
    * Issac & Lee #11 & #12 - published - DONE! :smile:
    * Sam Hawke #5 - published - DONE! :smile:
    * Isaac's Run #6 - collected and published - DONE! :smile:
    * Space Trucking #5 - published - Didn't happen :disappointed:
    * Grotto of Poppies #1 - published - Pencilled only
    * 40 - 52 short stories written (one per week is the goal) - 4 or 5 done?
    * Search for the Unicorns - released to beta readers and hopefully published - DONE! and published to boot!:smile:

    * Isaac & Lee Collected Works #2 - published
    * 24 pages of Grotto of Poppies posted to website
    * 24 pages of Tedieval posted to website
    * Sam Hawke #6 - Published
    * Space Trucking #5 - Published
    * Sword of Justice novel - Published
    * Reformat re-release Isaac & Lee Collected Works #1
    * Artwork and Sketches done

    Hopefully to get done

    * Grotto #2 script done
    * Tedieval #2 script done
    * Meggido script done
    * Melody script done
    * Avantir edited
    * Gog the Slave edited (my Dad wrote that novel in the 1960's can you tell?)
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    Happy New Year to all!



    Not everything went as planned in 2018, as I changed my mind multiple times on what my follow up to Wahoo Morris would/will be, and I got a little distracted chasing some possible WFH gigs. Then Animation called and I started Storyboarding again in early June. I haven't had a chance to breathe until just before Christmas.

    I didn't accomplish a lot of concrete stuff, but what I did do was all between January and the end of May.

    * Published WAHOO MORRIS Book 2. Put together the print ready file in January. Got it printed in February. Fulfilled the Kickstarter over the next two months, and released it through Diamond in July.

    *Built up my email list to around 3000 subscribers. Kind of fell off of using it back in May which is bad as I'm now paying for it.

    * Published a pin-up/art book through Createspace - Beauties & Beasts: The Art of Craig A. Taillefer. I've never been much of a pin-up/fan art kind of guy, so it collects stuff from '88 until early 18 to have enough pages!

    * I did some art. Not as much as I hoped, but I was actually getting into it before I had to stop.
    1) Drew/finished 7 pin-ups and a wrap around cover, plus a couple Kickstarter commissions, 6 pre-con sketches, and one at-con commission.
    2) inked 5 pages of Doom Patrol as a sample for an editor. Did a handful of other random inking sample pages with the intention of putting together an inking portfolio.
    3) Fleshed out an old 3 page story into 4 pages and completed it.
    4) Fleshed out another old story from 8 pages to 12 pages and got most of the pencilling done by the first week of June.

    * Did 4 cons in 2018, which was one of last years goals. I'm a little torn on how many more I will bother with as sales were underwhelming and the social/networking aspect isn't what it used to be.
    1) King Con in March (which I was a guest at so my only expense was gas and dinner out with fellow attendees, which is the main thing I do these for) but I didn't sell a thing.

    2) Ottawa Comic Con in May. Local, so again, dinner out with fellow guest is the only expense. I did okay, but if I'd had to drive, get a hotel, or pay for a table it would have been dismal.

    3) Fan Expo Toronto. Dismal. F*%&ing expensive. Didn't sell a single book and couldn't hook up with anyone for dinner of socializing except for the last night with some friends from Ottawa. Might have been different if I was in the comic pro section, but artists alley is a sea of print jockeys and crafters with nary a comic book to be seen. Not gonna do that again.

    4) Baltimore Comic Con. Drove down with some friends so the trip ended up costing $300 plus table. Much more comic exclusive show than Fan Expo, but at the back of AA it's still a majority of print vendors and crafters. The person next to me selling mugs and Glasses with bootleg logos on them was doing gang busters while I sold a handful of books. Good bar con though, so the socializing aspect was exactly what I was looking for. Not sure if I'll do it again this year though.... and if I do I probably won't table.




    I start another episode of Give A Mouse A Cookie on January 14, and the show runs until early June. I doubt I'll make it that far as the work load is inhuman. But my goal is to get three more done without dying. I want to make enough money that we can buy some RRSPs this year, finally replace our leaking windows in the front of the house, finishing up the major important renos, and hopefully have a little bit of padding left over. Our mortgage will be payed off in August and that will really take the pressure off financially.

    Then, hopefully I can dedicate myself to trying to revive my comic career.

    First up, I have tight layouts to a 7 page Wahoo Morris story that was supposed to go in the IMAGE version of issue 2 as a bonus back up. I've got 8 work days left before I go back, so I'm going to try to set them up in Clip Studio today, then see if I can import them into the iPad and try and figure out how to use the damn thing. If I can finish it in time, I'll offer it up to the Prairie Comic Arts Festival for their fundraising zine.

    Once I'm done boarding....

    * Kickstart a short run floppy one shot of the Sci-fi and Weird Fantasy shorts I did for Mythography and Forbidden book. 32 pages, 4 stories and a handful of pin-ups.

    * Finish the 12 pager left over from last year. Not sure what I'll do with it other than as WFH samples. I have a couple of other themed shorts I'd like to do, so maybe a portfolio one shot once they are all done.

    * Draw the follow up to Sian.

    * Run a Kickstarter for Sian. Either issue 1 and 2 in succession or a single big floppy combining the 2 stories. If that is successful, then maybe on to another issue or mini series.

    * And, I want to land some WFH. I'm repeating myself, but I came close on one project (bizarre chain of events that scuttled it) and had an editor at IDW contact me just before Christmas about a project that got my Trekkie wife excited, but no response back when I sent further samples, so..... But, I haven't sent new samples since early June as I haven't been able to draw a line of comics since then, so it will be middle of the year before I can start the process again.

    All of this is up in the air until I finish up my run on GAMAC, so..... we'll see what happens.

  • Hi all,
    Well, 2018 an even slower year for me than expected:
    *Faerie Apocalypse came out. That was it.
    *Gourmand Go is still in the throes of colouring.
    *I did finish up the new draft of Shadowmancy and we have the new publishing business set up, but the book won't be out til later this year. Needs to go through editing again, sadly.
    *Didn't sell a single short story.
    *Didn't quite manage to finish the Zai draft.
    *Completed study goals

    2019 Goals:
    * Finish and submit fucking Zai
    * Publish Shadowmancy
    * Publish Gourmand Go
    * Pitch the new book, Quick
    * New issue of Smiling Damned
    * Try not to get stabbed in my sleep.
    *... more study because I have a scholarship and because I hate myself.
  • 2018, not a great year for me. I'm hoping to get books published in 2019. Especially, now that I'm sitting on a completed 5-issue series that needs a publisher. While that waits around I'm trying to do Bomb Queen (to pay the bills) and create new content to fit the connections I have with other publishers.
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    2019 Projects that were released
    *What A Crock issue 1, written by me, illustrated by Kacee Navarro - self-published online
    *Brunt, one-shot, written by me, illustrated by Allen Byrns, published by Caliber Comics

    2019 Anthologies
    *Local Haunts anthology (with a 3 page story from Haley Boros and me) - funded and published.
    *Elsewhere anthology, from Unlikely Heroes Studios (with a story from Braiden Poirier and me) - funded and published.
    *Sliced Quarterly anthology, collecting their single issues from last year (featuring a story from Kacee Navarro and me) - funded and published.
    *Cat Party #5, zine published by Microcosm (with a short story from Marylyn Martin-Weatherly and me).
    *Milk & Honey, issue 4, published by Milk&Honey Comics (with a short story from Kacee Navarro and me)

    2020 projects...?
    *Best of Indie 2019 anthology, from Comix Central (with a story from Hugh Chapman and me) - funded and to be published in the new year.
    *Legends and Lore anthology, from Arledge Comics (with a short story from Shawn Phelps and me).
    *There are a few "maybes", from Grayhaven, Comix Tribe, Lightning Strike, and a couple more. There are also a few submissions I'm waiting for answers on. So...we'll see...
    *I have a few one-shots that I'd like to self-publish under a solo-banner in '20. They're done. Plus there's an old 4-issue mini that's done as well.
    *@ShawnRichison and I have a 4 issue project that will hopefully be released in '20, along with a remastered version of Against The Wall and a collection of our shorts.

    I'm looking forward to the new year. All the best to everyone!
  • edited December 2019
    This year was either a bad year for me or a fantastic, depending on how you look at it.


    I launched two new webcomics which update monthly:
    A Grotto of Poppies

    Surprisingly, I managed to almost finish a script for Isaac & Lee (I wasn't planning on working on that series) I just have seven pages of dialogue to finish it.

    I began trying to edit Sword of Justice and discovered that it needs some serious structural changes. I've since began working on the outline and am currently half-way through one of the two outlines that my editor is asking for.

    I found The Avantir Chronicles and the Alsban Tales which I read through and have gotten some feedback back on.

    Reformatted Search for the Unicorns - hard copy released today

    I managed to get permission from my Dad's publisher to release Railway Rising in hard copy format - it's currently with the printers and I'm waiting for the proofs.

    Which is to say that I figured out processes this year. I have a vague idea how long things are so I can sort of plan things better next year. Still, it was a painful year this year.


    Tedieval - first story finished, second story started - hard copy ready for August
    A Grotto of Poppies - first story finished, second story started - hard copy ready for August
    Isaac & Lee - ready for print by the end of the year???
    Isaac & Lee - available through Ingram Spark
    Spacetrucking - available through Ingram Spark
    Sam Hawke - available through Ingram Spark

    Either Avantir or Sword and the Rose released (ideally both)

    Some of the Tales of Alsban released as chapbooks

    Script for The Search for the Unicorns completed (both comic and radio play), pie in the sky? That I actually begin pencilling it in 2020.
    I know that I am missing things here, but this is what I have so far. I only have one major convention in 2020, Fan Expo in August, so I'll be gearing up for that.
  • edited March 3

    Reading back on last years, some things actually worked out as planned, and some didn't, but it all moved in the right direction for a change.

    I was pretty depressed/demoralized when the year started. I had had a couple of close calls/near misses in WFH comics work and I was feeling trapped by animation and storyboards and the workload was becoming inhuman. I was spiralling by May/June to be honest, but as you will see things turned around in the third quarter!

    Spent the first half of the year storyboarding on Give a Mouse A Cookie.

    Attended 3 conventions:
    Calgary Comic Expo
    Prairie Comics Festival
    Ottawa Comic Con

    I finished my last board the first week of June, then the following Monday I paid off the mortgage a month early.

    With agreement from the wife (who doesn't want me to die at the drawing board storyboarding) announced my retirement from Storyboarding for the foreseeable future.

    Comics work:
    1) Did some work on the sci-fi short story I had to stop working on June 2018.
    2) I did some inking samples for a potential WFH gig the week before we took off for a two week mid-summer vacation.
    3) I got offered the gig shortly after we got back and started with helping out on a few pages of Books of Magic #12 in late August.
    4) Inked Books Of Magic (DC/Vertigo now Black Label) #13-16 over Tom Fowler's pencils.


    We were in Calgary for two weeks at Christmas and took all of January for a trip to Thailand so I wasn't able to squeeze in issue 17, but I got back to work when we got back and turned in issue 18 a week ago.

    I believe Tom and I are signed on to Books of Magic 19-23. I'm waiting for pages of 19 to arrive any moment.

    So far in my downtime I've drawn a pin-up of my S&S character Sian that I'm thinking of using for a new convention banner if it turns out.
    And, I've worked on the short story again, finalizing the script on the fly as I letter. I should have it ready to ink today.

    I'm not sure how much time I will have for my own stuff this year, as I would like to see how far I can get at Black Label/DC while I have an editor happy with my speed and ease of working with.

    But the immediate plans both booked and wishful thinking are:

    1) Kickstart and print 48 page B&W floppy of my sci-fi fantasy anthology Vistas Unknown with the new short story I finished last year and the one I'm working on now.
    2) Draw a new Sian story (already written) and Kickstart and publish a colour 48 page floppy including the original short story and the new one.
    3) Ink Books Of Magic #19-23
    4) Get booked to Draw (as in full art all by myself) a one shot or short arc of something/anything for Black Label or DC Universe. I ain't picky!

    I'm still open to booking conventions, but this is what is booked and/or likely:

    Toronto Comic Con - March20-22
    TCAF - May 8-9
    One day show in Ottawa that hasn't been announced yet.
    Ottawa Comic Con - not booked yet, but most likely will be there.

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