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So... I have just finished page 24 of my first ever full-length comic that actually has something to do with a publisher. (This has nothing to do with the 30+ page fully-painted epics I used to do in my 20's... unfortunately. Yet.) 

The comic's title is "The New Adventures of Sir Harry Chiselton" #1 of volume 1 and will be published by What The Flux Comics. And will hopefully hit the stands in time for San Diego! Huzzah!

I just have to finish the lettering and get it off. The cover is my current profile pic on Facebook, and I'll have a few pages online sometime in the next week or two to serve as delicious teasers. And then ploughing into Book #2.

What's it about, you ask... (please ask!) 

It's a Steampunk Boy's Own Action Adventure set on the moon, with Zombies! (ooh!) Frankenstein Monsters! (aah!) Lady Spies! (sexy!) Crinoline! (meh!) and many other twists and turns yet to be determined by my trusty scribe, Dan Hill.

#1 was originally planned as a Zuda entry, and managed to find its way onto WTF's table for inclusion into an anthology where they asked if we could bash it out into something more substantial. We had pages 1-8 roughed out already, so with a broad guide I launched into drawing it Marvel Style leaving Dan with the unenviable task of putting words in people's mouths, and hopefully he'll have #2 slapped into shape in time for me to start drawing it next week... (yay!)


  • You showed me a bit of this last year and it looked rad!
  • I think Chiselton gets his own Work-log once I get #1 completely sent off to What The Flux - because then I'll be underway with #2 and there'll be no escape...

    A couple of years ago I was commissioned to create some illustrations for a book, which has now been self-published by the writer, Skillman Hunt, and is available on Amazon for Kindle and in Dead Tree editions:

    "The relationship between the gay and lesbian community and the heterosexual world is an evolving mix of tradition and culture in a constant struggle with itself. This tug of war between the oppressor and the oppressed is as old as Plato but has come into the light in recent decades. The Quackery of the Straight and Narrow is an unapologetic view of the state of the relationship between gay and straight."
  • Last week, my wife asked me something wonderful - that I should perhaps parlay my abilities into writing for comics (or it was a very backhanded way of telling me my artwork is shit).

    I mean, I've written. I've written comics, but nothing published (Chiselton is co-written off of a plot of mine). I edited chunks of WORK!, which was nice. But again, playing with somebody else's sandbox.

    And I do have story ideas. Some rather rank, some somewhat wonderful. But they're all lacking - acts, punchlines, finales, action ... 

    I guess what I'm pondering is, who wants to take a look at my half-fleshed creatures and help me develop them, and take them to the next level. 

    Editors, writers and - other artists - who want take them to publishers and get to print (or Kindle, or ... whatever.)
  • I suppose I should add what I have that is so half-baked:

    Tarzan, re-imagined in 1930's pre-war Britain via class war and alien meteorites.
    Get Carter by way of John Woo - needs a second act and a probable re-imagining of a third.
    Judas Lucy - a female Lobo, by way of Al Jourgenson - the angriest woman in space.
    Blake's Seven - William Blake takes seven of his contemporaries to the moon.
    Roid Rage - kinda cyberpunk-y future sports.
    Glam Trash Stars - Glam Rocker goes into space, returns with aliens.
  • Well, time for THIS year's comments...

    Chiselton - I've redrawn through Book 3, and greyscaled and lettered Book One.

    They pacing was shit, overly compressed and suffered from me starting to rush the artwork. So I took a step back, re-examined what I'd done and started over.

    Soft - I have 70-odd pages of a 300 page filth epic completely drawn. 40-odd have been scanned and toned, and 20 or so have been lettered.

    I'm getting back on that horse - turning the breakdowns into an actual script, adding in the dialogue so far written and moving the page count forward. I plan on scanning another 40-odd pages over the next few weeks, and put what I have back online as a web-comic. 

    Hopefully WordPress can handle comics better nowadays.
  • Well, even if you check in once a year it's better than not at all.  It's also good to hear you had some progress over the year.
  • So:

    Sidetracked into doing a couple of Gallery shows this March. More on that soon. 

    March 14th, and March 21st -  a computer-game themed show The Willows bar in The Mission, San Francisco; and a Doctor Who themed show at Ballancoire, also in SF's bustling Mission.

    See y'all there!
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