Comics/merch for Christmas/Hanukkah?

Let's hear what you got, folks. Comics? GNs? Money for publishing? Supplies for your con table? A plushie of your best creator-owned character ( @trevoramueller )?

Just comics stuff, I don't want to hear about slacks or video games.

My wife bought me a massive set of Sharpies for my sketch cards and a recreated Star Wars lunchbox to keep them in. I also got a very nice purple dress shirt to wear at cons and a B&N gift card I will spend on a GN.

We bought several comics-related things for our daughter, the other writer in the family: a framed page from our second STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE comic, a frame for a BATMAN STRIKES page in which she appears as a character and a commission from @Marvinmann of Meredith's character from Field Trip.


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