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Started a work log in an attempt to keep myself honest and leech some feedback from the group. But before all that...


This is an image I did for a friend's comic, the talented Paul Thompson's Tales of the Hollow Earth. This is my least crappy artistic contribution to a comic in recent years, and as any blog is more readable with pictures -and- so many of you are posting stellar art, I thought I'd contribute.

Right now I'm writing "The Dreaded" a short fantasy piece broadly in the style of a 2000AD Future Shock, which is breathing a little bit easier now I've upped the page count from 6 to 8.

I'll be posting the script here shortly in the hope of some feedback. The story is, I feel, sound, but the "twist" is predicated on a piece of design, a character looking very much like a "fantasy" version of famous sci-fi character, a look which builds throughout the script until a last page reveal. This will either work splendidly or terribly depending on a: how well I've judged the tone of the thing and b: how well it's drawn... assuming it's ever drawn. Which we'll see about.

Anyway, hi all, again.

I'll be posting more stuff here as it's done.  


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