Credit Card Sales

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Credit card readers at comic conventions.  Anyone want to jump on that?
Square is the most popular, but the more I dig into this the deeper it goes.
What experiences have you had at conventions with credit card readers?
I got an ipad in may 2011 and started using a square that summer. I have had close to 800 in sales with the square, sales I WOULD NOT HAVE HAD if I was cash only.
It is a mandatory tool.
@RussellLissau is that money before Square's 2.75% per transaction fee?
Yes. That rate is negligible. Totally worth it.
On the "Square" thing — don't be dumb. Get a Square reader. (Or some way of reading cards at a con.) There's no sense in missing out on easy sales. (Plus, they're an easy way to get actual money from your credit cards. I've paid my rent repeatedly using money pulled off a card with my Square reader.)


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