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Another item in the toolbox, for digital publishing.  Amazon has released Kindle Comic Creator (a free app for Windows and OS X) that packages comics into a file compatible with their Kindle tablets. It's always been possible to do this using generic tools for creating Kindle-compatible documents, but this makes it simple and relatively idiot-proof. I've played around with it a little, and since it doesn't really do a whole lot, it's pretty easy to use.  It's a bit like putting together a PDF using Adobe Acrobat.

It includes support for Amazon's panel-by-panel viewing (it'll autodetect pages with clean white gutters) which you pretty much need if you want people to read the books using apps on their phones.  There's a feature for embedding fonts, but that doesn't apply to your lettering (only to text that you add within the program, which I guess you could do in KCC if you were intent on fine-tuning your comics specificly for the Kindle), and doesn't make a difference for pages you import with the text already bitmapped.  The Previewer that comes with it even does a good job of converting the blacks and whites to dull gray to mimic how they'd look on Amazon's e-ink devices. :)

You can download it here.


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