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Coordinating Witch Doctor is always an... evolving process, and about two months ago Lukas suggested we start using Basecamp, a project management service he'd had good experiences with in his freelance illustration work.

Basecamp is awesome.  The problem is, at its cheapest ($25/month), it's still $300/year.

So now I'm looking for a cheaper alternative.  The things I found I used it for the most were:

  • Email reminders of deadlines in the calendar and time-sensitive to-dos
  • A calendar view that told me exactly how many days out each deadline/milestone was
  • To-Dos that can be linked with calendar events
  • A To-Do system that's easy to navigate and not cluttered
  • A calendar that I can subscribe to in iCal, which will sync without me telling it to
  • Ideally, an iPhone app

Other stuff is optional; I barely used the messages function, and never used the files or the whiteboard.  Other features I'd *like* that Basecamp doesn't have:

  • Control over when nagging emails are sent out for particular Milestones
  • Control over specific times Milestones occur, rather than them being all-day things

Anybody got any suggestions?

There's articles here and here detailing Basecamp alternatives; I'm going to look into a couple.  If I find a good one I'll share it!


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