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Today I had a couple of Eureka moments. I've been working on the arcs for 'Severed Empire' and 'Wolf & Wyrm' (projects I hope will see the light of day eventually) and not really feeling how they would tie together cleanly.

I had some one-shot subplots for both that would flesh out a couple of characters, and I was spending so much time thinking about what the life of one of the W&W villains was like that I started to empathize with him. He wasn't the character I expected to switch sides, but now I realize that he's the one that will be the hero, whether he likes it or not.

And I finally figured out why the Empire fell. I had other "epic" scale reasons, but they were too impersonal. The sort of thing that would be reported in the background of the story and that wasn't working for me. I didn't want the characters to change in reaction to the world. I wanted the world to change because of what happens to the characters. I think I've found it.


  • Working on Severed Empire tonight. Did a better re-org of ideas because I'm just too erratic, and now I'm introducing the core characters which has felt like the hardest part from the get go.

    I already know them. I see them taking part in the events I have planned. It's weird encountering them for the first time. Like seeing someone's life in reverse.

  • Yesterday conspired against me getting anything done.
    Spend part of the day doing an OS and application reinstall. Dog tried to eat a pincushion and had to go to the vet. Family crisis turned things head over heels. And then our country fell into the hands the party 60% of the voting population voted against.
    Somehow I still feel like I'm just making excuses :)
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    Did no one explain to the people who set up your parliamentary system what a "majority" is? :/
  • We're a first-past-the-post system, so whoever gets the most votes in a riding wins in that area. It's a shame since it always leaves a large chunk of the population unrepresented.
    It's supposed to give the low population rural areas a chance to have a say too, but it actually swings too much power away from the individual voters nationwide. We need some serious vote reform.
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