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Hey y'all! Starting a thread for projects I've got in various stages of development. Process pieces, forthcoming!

To start it off, a logo and some character designs for a pitch I'm just getting ready to send out.

photo image_zps919f3666.png

photo James1_zps4f344721.jpg

photo bwbg_zps92a6d754.jpg

photo 8io4_zps38a17267.jpg

photo 9d42765b3de3a3f4ff234ba7b0f96a88_zps6d009555.jpg

photo 10261723_603761453042235_381462455_n_zps032a511e.jpg

photo 10255696_605753159509731_1716488257_n_zps85217dc2.jpg

photo 10248921_606362626115451_127701425_n_zps108a0f7b.jpg

photo 10178427_603582603060120_966293737_n_zps233c3876.jpg

Art by Ralf Singh! Logo by Kenny Jeffrey!

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