NoiseTrade - Who's using it for E-books?

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I'm giving it a try with Love is in the Blood. 

I see a mix of people having only an issue to 2 up, as a preview I'm guessing. Some have several issues. 

I have all 8 issues up as an experiment. I haven't promoted it yet so it's only people finding it on the site so far. Issue #1 is on the main comics page at the moment and is getting a steady stream of downloads. No idea if anyone is leaving anything in the "tip jar". I put a link to the website in the description of every issue. I'll be watching the stats closely to see if anyone clicks over.

If you want to check it out:

I'm sure it will be many months before I hear anything from Comixology. The main download-for-sale sites charge a monthly fee and I don't have enough audience to support that yet. Not much left after .99 anyway and I doubt I could get more than that for a single. So giving them away with the possibility of a "tip" isn't much of a loss. And who knows, might be better. 

Anyone here used it? Got any news on how it's going so far?


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