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I'm pretty good at keeping my projects themselves organized (a folder for JAQrabbit Tales, a subfolder for each Tale, a spreadsheet chart with details about each one, etc) but I suck at organizing the tasks involved with all of it. I'd also like to do a bit more juggling of other projects (I'm committed to Tales for the foreseeable future, but I can't let that be all anyone sees from me), which I need help in order to do. This is compounded with my day job, which gives me a whole bunch of other projects and tasks to manage (but without me giving a damn about most of them on any level). The assignment-tracking system we use at work is horrid, to the point that I don't use it, so I forget to do things. So I've been trying some stuff of my own.

What I'm currently trying to make use of is Wunderlist, a phone/computer/web app for managing to-do lists (among other things). It's a big improvement over the Apple Reminders app, which offers different functionality depending on whether you're on OS X or iOS or iCloud, and not much of it on any of them.  Wunderlist supports multiple to-do lists, assigning priorities and/or due dates to each item, and sub-tasks for each item (but not due dates on sub-tasks). It synchs automatically between all devices logged in to the same account. The free version seems to do all of the essential things I want, otherwise there's a monthly/annual subscription for the "pro" features, but that seems geared mainly for workgroup-level stuff, so I don't think I'll even want that. So far I've created lists for my day job, the Tales, other comix projects, and personal stuff like "get the moped serviced", and started setting dates on things.  I've added upcoming Tales-creation tasks, but since the target dates on those slide depending on when I get other tasks completed, I'm not sure how to set those.

Anybody using anything else of this sort? Or any tips on how to make use of it?


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    (Of course now I see Wunderlist just got bought out by Microsoft, but that isn't nearly as bad a thing as it used to be.  In olden days it would mean the discontinuation of the apps for competing phone OSes, stagnation of the Mac app, and integration of the Windows version into Outlook, but Satya Nadella seems to be a lot more interested in playing with others than Gates or Ballmer ever was.)
  • I've been trying to use Things but because I'm not syncing it across devices, it's limited in its usefulness. Because I have several projects on the go at any given time, I am very interested in finding something that will let me track projects and sync across devices so that I can always have my schedule with me. I was curious about Wunderlist and came very close to downloading it. After hearing your experiences with it, I think I may give it a test run.
  • I've tried lots of stuff. What I'm using right now is actually a "mind-mapping"/taxonomy web service called Coggle that I can access from my laptop or from my iOS devices. Trying it out, I immediately discovered I think better when tasks are arranged as branching trees and such, then when they're a flat list. I also like that I can "split the timeline" and create multiple branches from one event, of the possible 'next tasks' I could take that would get me to the end goal.

    Coggle isn't designed as a task-management solution, but I'm sure other mind-mapping software is. I'm trying out Coggle right now because it's free(-ish), web-based and cross-platform. It's been really useful for career planning and plotting stories, too — basically, anything that involves "choose your own adventure"-style multiple choice options, it's good for.
  • So I just poked at Wunderlist with a stick this morning and then compared it with Things. I would definitely use Wunderlist the way that I'm using Things now. However, I'm not using all of the options that Things has, such as the projects section. Until I can figure out if Wunderlist has that type of option, I'll probably use both programs with Wunderlist handling my to-dos and Things handling my project management.
    Thanks @JasonAQuest !

    As for Coggle? That looks like a fun tool to use for story development and I can see how you'd use it kind of like a work flow chart. Definitely another program to look at.
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