Brandon's Doctor Who Series 6 Theory

I'm not usually one to spend a whole lot of time speculating on mysteries in the fiction I consume... but the first two-parter of Doctor Who Series 6 has got me doing it.  Plus, it's written by Steven Moffat — and Moffat likes to telegraph the solutions to his mysteries, so it's likely that we've already been provided enough information to figure out what's going on.

Let's have some space for 


We've got a lot of moving parts here, and they probably aren't all connected — in Series 5 it seemed like the Pandorica, the cracks in space and the Silence would all be tied up by the end of the season, but they weren't.  But we've got a few that we know are connected:  The Silence, the FauxRDIS, and the little girl.

So, we've got the Silence. The Silence have a faux-TARDIS.

"They don't make anything themselves, they don't have to — they get other lifeforms to do it for them."

The Silence didn't build the TARDIS, so they must have found it, stolen it, scavenged it, etc.

"The ship is crashed. The crew are dead. A pilot is required."

Normal humans aren't physically strong enough to pilot the FauxRDIS — it burns their brains out. The Doctor is *too* strong — he'd destroy it. The FauxRDIS needs something in between human and 900-year-old Time Lord.

"Why did the human race suddenly decide to go to the moon? Because the Silence needed a spacesuit."

The Silence also have a NASA suit modified with 20 kinds of alien technology, designed to keep alive...

... The little girl.

"I'd say she's human — going by the life support software. But she forced her way out. She must be incredibly strong."

Human when she was in the space suit — but not anymore.  A Time Lady, or close enough.

Close enough to pilot the FauxRDIS.  A fake Time Lady piloting a fake TARDIS under the hypnotic control of the Silence.  

How did the Silence turn a human orphan into a pseudo Time Lady?

"A Time Lord's body is a miracle. Even a dead one. There are whole empires out there who'd rip this world apart just for one cell."

At some point, the Silence got ahold of a Time Lord's cells.  Probably the Doctor's.

"Why did the human race suddenly decide to go to the moon?"

Presumably because the FauxRDIS crashed or was discovered shortly before the space race started.  And since they've already incorporated Area 51, men in black, greys, and alien/government conspiracies, what's the one major piece of cliché UFO canon that hasn't been incorporated yet?

Roswell, New Mexico.  1947.

How does everything else fit in?  I don't know.  Is the little girl tied in with Amy's Schroedinger pregnancy?  Or River Song?  Is the little girl even tied in with the future Doctor's death, or was it just her suit?  Or a completely different Apollo program suit?  Why did the Silence blow up the TARDIS last season?  Did they even mean to, or was it a side-effect of trying to get the FauxRDIS to work, the way the TARDIS malfunctions in "The Lodger" were?


  • Moffat (or Smith, I forget who, it was in the Confidential) said that there are some pieces of season 5 that will only make sense after season 6.

    You also need to remember: what happened to the 1100 year old Doctor's TARDIS?
  • Oh, and: they also said that the title of the episode where River first appeared, "Silence in the Library" is NOT a coincidence.
  • "You also need to remember: what happened to the 1100 year old Doctor's TARDIS?"

    I don't think the entire puzzle is going to be visible yet.  But I think *parts* of it are.

    "Oh, and: they also said that the title of the episode where River first appeared, "Silence in the Library" is NOT a coincidence."

    Hmm.  I'd wondered about that...
  • The aliens referred to as The Silence aren't. They said that Amy will deliver The Silence (or something quite like that), which makes the girl The Silence. If "Silence in the library" is a pointer, this puts more credit to Jens' theory that River is the girl.

    So, more connecting of pieces we already have. Shooting the Doctor with the space suit? Triggering the same recreational energy that the girl has at the end of the ep? Maybe that's how the space suit picked it up, then somehow "fed" it into the girl. The only other reason for her to have that recreational mojo would be for her to be the Doctor's daughter, too, in which case Amy would have quite a story to withhold. Or maybe one version of Schrödinger's Amy does, and the other doesn't? Or, rather than does, did?
  • "The aliens referred to as The Silence aren't"

    Not according to the BBC website, the cast, Steven Moffat and every interview they've done promoting the new series — the aliens are called the Silence.  "Delivering the Silence" may just be them speaking grandiosely — maybe they always refer to themselves in the third person.  Or there may not even be an upper case there — it could be "Delivering the silence."

    A lot of the theories I'm seeing — including the very common ones about River being the girl in the suit and/or being Amy's daughter — are more convoluted and less clever than I expect from Moffat.  This is a writer who does very clever time-travel stories that don't just go to the same tired "I'm my own grandpa" places — and while it's not impossible that's where he's going, I'd be surprised.

    But based on what we know of the Silence, the FauxRDIS and the Regenerating Little Girl, I stand by my theory.  What I'm suggesting doesn't contradict River being Amy's daughter or whatever other twists and turns we don't have enough information to do more than guess at — it just connects what seem like obvious dots between the Silence, the little girl with Time Lord-esque regeneration, and the FauxRDIS they have but didn't build themselves.
  • I hope you're right. I'm not watching this to see my five-minute theories confirmed, but to be surprised and thrilled.
  • We could easily both be right.  If the little girl is Amy's daughter who's also River, the question of why the Silence put her in the suit and what they want is still unanswered.
  • Oh, another major trope of American UFO stories?

    Aliens abducting humans to create human/alien hybrids,

    Like perhaps a human/Time Lord hybrid?
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