900 Days in Leningrad

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So, now that my research is done I'm about to move into scripting on this series. I plan on 10 stories right now all set within the 900 day siege of Leningrad during WWII. Here's a primer video that I created for the class was originally researching the siege for. This gives a sunshine and rainbows introduction; when you get into the details of that first winter things are far more terrifying. 


  • Do you know what kind of page count you're looking at?
  • Probably around 150. I haven't quite decided but most stories will be around 10-15 pages. 
  • You know, a series of self-published 10-page comics seems like a really do-able idea.
  • Which is why I'm doing it that way :)

    I plan on serializing them on the web and subsequently print as a whole group.

    Each story is a standalone vignette that integrates into the overall story so I think from a paper aspect it will work better being published in groups if not in total. On the web, the serialization should work pretty well. 
  • This is almost exactly my thinking for JAQrabbit Tales (but with somewhat shorter stories): one at a time online, in batches as floppies, and eventually collected.
  • Yeah, this format plays to my strength. I'm really good at short bursts of work but I really love longer form storytelling so this is sort of a combination of both. I'll actually be posting a bit more about the structure and deeper reasoning  behind it later today.
  • OK, so a few things on structure.

     Initially, I really struggled with the decision on how I wanted to play this story. I knew upfront I wanted to do something set during the Siege but I knew I didn't want to do a docu-comic on it. I like the format of docu-comics, Socco's work especially, but I just didn't feel like it would workout the way I wanted.

     So, this left me with the decision, do I want to write it around a single person or multiple people? Initially I was quite taken with the idea of doing a single story centered on a single boy watching him grow up from 12-15. This was near the beginning of my research. Which, actually, let me back up a little.

     This whole thing began because of a class I'm taking to finish out my degree. It's on the history of Soviet Russia; part of the major work for the class is a 5000 word paper and a 10 minute presentation on any subject relating to Soviet Russia. Initially I was going research comics and sequential art in Soviet Russia but it turned out to be too thin a subject for the kind of work I'd need to do so I swapped out to the Siege. 

     OK, so back to the research. After a while I realized that I wanted to hit far too many sections of the siege for the single person story to work; or work in any believable sense anyway. New characters kept springing forward from the research with new stories to explore. At that point, the interconnected vignette structure basically knocked down my front door and told me I'd be using it.

     So current state: I'm starting outlines for about 10 stories and I've got ideas for a few more that I think will work as 2-3 page connective tissue. I'm expecting around 150 pages; it may be way more but I don't see it being much less. 

    Over the next few weeks I'll start talking about some of the stories I'm working on but this is enough for right now.
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