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NYCC 2017

All! @TrevorAMueller and I were discussing the possibility of an old-school "prayer breakfast" on Saturday morning before the con. I know these shows can be strain and sleep is at a premium, but hey, what doesn't kill us can only make us stronger. So, just throwing it out there for anyone who's going to be attending: sound off if you'd be interested. (Looking at you, @BrandonSeifert, @JustinJordan, and anyone else.)


  • Maybe! I am certainly interested, but my ability to actually attend is iffy as always.
  • I'll be around the con (no badge yet!) — but breakfasts are brutal for me during cons. (Breakfast time at a con is when I'm still dealing with the existential pain of being alive. Also I stay on the Brooklyn/Queens border, so getting to/from early in the morning is hard.) Could we do, like, maybe a happy hour or a dinner or something instead?
  • I'm going to be jet lagged from work trips (flying into the show late from London, and leaving Sunday evening for Singapore), but I totally want to see you guys and share a meal. Breakfast would be easiest for me, I think - despite knowing I'm going to be exhausted. <br><br> I'm staying with a buddy in Queens. Wouldn't have to meet by the con, but figured that would be most convenient for everyone since we all eventually need to meet there. <br><br> Hell, I'm also fine with "bring your own breakfast" and meeting in the cafeteria of the convention center. Thoughts?
  • Oh god I wish I could go still.
  • So, when works best for breakfast for everyone? I'm thinking Saturday morning - a big breakfast before the big day, and not everyone's exhausted from a night of partying (like they would be Sunday morning)? <br><br> Thoughts?
  • I really think breakfast at a traditional time is going to be impossible for me during a con — especially since I'm staying in *Queens* and would have to get up extra early to attend. I could swing a dinner or a happy hour, but mornings are right out. Especially after Friday night parties!
  • I'm also staying in Queens. I usually get to the con by 9am for set up anyway, so breakfast at 7am isn't impossible for me. Only takes about 30 minutes to get to the convention center from where I'm staying.
  • Whereas cons WRECK me. I'm an early riser these days. But at a con, after being out all night networking (and drinking), I have trouble dragging my aching carcass out of bed and into the shower by 11. Me being at breakfast at 7am is laughable. <P>You guys are welcome to do a get-together whenever you want. But I'd love to attend. And from trying to make it to con breakfast meetings in the past, I know they're completely impossible for me — so I won't be able to be there. <P>What's wrong with a happy hour or dinner?
  • Other people feel free to weigh in on preference between breakfast or dinner / drinks. I know a lot of networking happens at night, so hang outs tend to be easier in the morning. Thankfully, I'm not longer traveling to London and missing Thursday and Friday of the show, so those are options again.
  • Trevor: are you working the RWP booth?
  • @TrevorAMueller A lot of networking does happen at night... but there's generally a gap between when the show ends and when the parties really get going. (Although with Artist Alley not closing till 8, I don't know how much of a gap there'll be.)
  • So, I'm making my meetings and planning my evenings right, any alignment on our meetup? I want to make sure I'm able to see everyone. I still think breakfast (for those of us who can attend) would be best, and provide the most flexibility for our evenings. But let me know your thoughts.
  • I'm staying about 6 blocks from the Javits, and I don't have any commitments on the weekend other than attending the Orville Panel in sibling solidarity on Friday evening at the Hammerstein ballroom, so I am, I think, the most flexible among this crowd. I can honestly meet Trevor for breakfast and meet Brandon for happy hour drinks (and then I'll heckle Justin while he's a captive audience at his AA table)... My phone number is 4 1 9 450 18 17, if you don't have it.
  • That works for me, @EricPalicki! And I'm at 503-710-5509, for folks who don't have my number.
  • Hey, that works. And I may be able to join you guys for drinks, depending on the night you go. Would love to see you guys, but understand if we can't all get together at the same time. I'll PM you guys my cell on Facebook.
  • Any interest in sneaking out one night and going to see Blade Runner? That premieres during NYCC...
  • Not me. I don't watch movies when I'm traveling*. I can do that at home! (Thanks for the invite, though!) <P>* I made an exception for Logan during ECCC. But that was because I was TOO EXCITED to wait a few extra days!
  • That's how I'm feeling about Blade Runner...especially after the reviews. :)
  • (Unpopular opinion: I find the original Blade Runner interminable. Just like everything by Ridley Scott. :) )
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