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Clip Studio EX for iPad Pro…

CelSys have announced Clip Studio EX (formerly MangaStudio) for the iPad Pro. It's on a subscription model, which is slightly disappointing but, I suspect, just A Thing We're Going To Have To Get Used To. Free for the first six months, $8.99/mth thereafter. The iPad Pro/Apple Pencil combo has been the best-in-class digital drawing experience since day one, but has lacked a proper pro-level art application before. If I was Wacom, I'd be shitting my pants right about now. It needs iOS 11, but if you're running that, then ClipStudio should be in the App Store right now. (Note: you still can't letter worth a damn in it, but it's great for everything else…)


  • Just updated to iOS11 and installed this. I'm very busy today so have only had time for the most cursory play around, but it very much appears to be the Real Deal. Very few interface concessions to iOS — it more or less looks like the desktop app. Zoom and rotate by touch are great, though. There's pretty much zero latency on the pens and brushes I've tried. It's very impressive.
  • Okay, that's pretty huge.
  • Important caveat… getting files in and out of the app is a bit of a rigmarole and is best done via Dropbox, but the process doesn't appear to currently support multi-page CSP files.
  • Wow! <p> Edited to add - until Storyboard Pro is available for iPad, I’ll still be forced to go with a Wacom Mobile Studio.
  • Small correction… according to PJ Holden, infrequently of this parish, if you transfer files via iTunes and a cable (which all seems terribly last decade, TBH), the iOS version will happily handle multi-page CSP files. It's the import/export process that seems not to handle multiple pages. Another important note! If you're going to try to get desktop CSP files into the iOS version via the Dropbox -> Open In… route, make sure you're running the latest desktop version of CSP. I was running an older version (1.5.4, I think) and had to reinstall the iPad version, so comprehensively did it choke on the desktop file…
  • I don't have and can't afford to buy an iPad Pro on top of what I already own and really like (Surface 3), and the iPencil's lack of an instantaneous way to switch to erasing and back is another reason not to, so it's moot to me. But I am literally not buying the subscription pricing model for this app. If they switch the Win/Mac versions over to that, I'll just never upgrade again, and they'll lose me completely as a source of revenue.
  • Glad to hear there are more options for software on the iPad Pro. That has been the weak leg for a long time. I’m still using MediBang Paint.
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