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Anyone else using Ko-fi?

I just came across a new donation platform called Ko-fi. It's neat because it's like a modern day Paypal donation button that you can put on your website, but you don't have to create exclusive content like you do with Patreon.<br> I'm currently setting one up is anyone else using this platform?


  • I've been seeing Ko-Fi around for a while (several years). It's a nice idea — a simple way to take one-off donations, designed to get people to think about how much they pay for a cup of coffee (so they'll potentially be willing to donate at least that much to a creator that they like). The Paypal element is nice. <P>Right now, I don't know how much of a point there'd be in me making a Ko-Fi 'donation jar' — since I haven't had a new comic out since 2015, and my next set won't be until 2019 at the earliest. But when I have material coming out again, I intend to plug a Ko-Fi into my website and Tumblr. Why not, right? <P>Anybody else here use it?
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