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Affinity Designer for iOS

Ooh. Affinity Designer is out for the iPad Pro. As I’ve mentioned previously, Designer is the only credible (IMO) Illustrator alternative… if you don’t need to supply live AI files to any of your clients, then you can already definitely letter using the desktop version. I’ve just downloaded the iPad version and had a quick play. You can set up comic size pages in CMYK, place art, add layers. Type controls seem good, including Opentype options. Autoligs work by default. Art, fonts, etc, can be pulled in from iCloud/Dropbox — I copied a selection of .OTF fonts to a Dropbox folder and the app installed them fine. Also, all the usual keyboard shortcuts worked with my Logitech CREATE — cut, copy, paste, undo… Default save is local, but iCloud Drive is also offered. You can export to iCloud/Dropbox/Files in all the important formats. Export options are extensive, and include EPS, PDF, TIFF and PSD. Initial verdict: I could definitely letter on my iPad Pro using this.


  • Bah. There were line breaks when I posted this. Sorry!
  • Yeah, you have to manually had HTML paragraph breaks to get line breaks now. <P>Thanks for the info, Jim! This sounds promising!
  • Tangential, but I can’t be arsed to start a new topic: Serif have also announced that their long-awaited InDesign challenger, Publisher, will go to public beta (for desktop) in August. I’m signed up for their beta program and will report back on that as and when.
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