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Start off this work log with a partial cross post from my blog, got a lot of stuff on the go right now.

I've been busy, doing shows like TCAF always take it out of me. Takes a while to get back into the routine and catch up. I warmed up by rebuilding my home web page, like the new look? Really converted to WP in a big way [have five sites working on the platform now] and i'm loving the themes from [this is one with a few small mods and so is this and this]. I've installed wpStoreCart, working on building one now, wondering what kind of things to sell? Would love to have some feed back. I've got posters and some books to start. What other sort of things you guys suggest trying? What's worked best?

Ok, what it's all about, comics, comics, comics.

Dream Life, page 70

On Revolver, PIN CITY, with new lettering.

Also, The newest edition of Carte Blanche is up - I'm the graphic fiction editor there. 
For lucky #13 we are happy to present a special feature on CRISIS. 
There’s a lot of great stuff in the issue, including two excellent graphic fictions stories by some heavy hitters.

From the Eisner Award–winning creator of ‘Too Much Coffee Man’,
Shannon Wheeler, a classic gag comic, ‘Oil Spill’.

And from James Romberger, of ‘Seven Miles A Second’, ’2020 Visions’,
‘Bronx Kill’, and ‘Aaron and Ahmed’, we are very proud to present
a 16 page short story, called ‘Raymond’.

We had many other excellent submissions we couldn’t accept,
but i’m pleased to present a few of them on Sequential HERE instead!

That's two pages of my own comics and 5 other short stories!

PS: My editor In chief says we've not gotten enough feed back from the comics crowd yet so if you check out the site, take a second to tell carte blanche what you think about about it by filling out their short readers’ survey.


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