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  • 2013
    R+M (see above)
    Worked on a coloring of Okita, but that's kinda fell by the wayside while I wait to see what's up with BBB at Comixology Submit.
    Drew an Avengers fancomic
    Started doing daily doodles for December, with comics on Sundays.
    Did that Frankenstein anthology

    I dunno, kind of a weird anticlimax of a year, but it feels like my batteries charging back up again.

    Cons? I want to do some cons. I've got 10 copies of that Frankenstein antho, I've got 10 copies of Doug coming.
    Anthologies, too.
    Working with Jorge (see above)
    Working this list
    Apparently it's the Doom Patrol's 50th anniversary next year, so I might do something like Deathzone-but-shittier for that.
  • I have no memory of what I did in 2013. Some shit with Russell probably. Fumbled with Not Wrapped Tight, started Venus in Furs.

    2014  Finish Venus in Furs and Calypso. They may see publication in 2014, but 2015 is likely. I have an idea for a new way to approach Not Wrapped Tight and Deed Sallow. so maybe there...

    get back to conventions.
  • Actually, Marv, we took the year off until Calypso!
    I did embarrassingly little in 2012 2013:
    Finish "Legend of the Sunset People". Seriously.
    Seriously? How embarrassing...

    Pitch AT MINIMUM 6 series to Image or other established indy publishers.
    Ok, co-created/co-wrote about 8 concepts... and have one ready to go for pitching by January...  Also have one placed in an anthology, as a bit of a proof of concept.  So far so good?

    Maintain my position as an Ambulance Communications Officer at the Ministry of Health and Longterm Care
    Well, thank goodness I was able to make that stick.  Training took a lot longer than anticipated, though.

    Take some illustration courses at the University level (ie. enroll in a BFA)
    er, well...

    Also, I have a trip sailing in Greece planned in June and a wedding to attend in Mexico in February.  So I only have 11 months to do all this, while all you slackers get a WHOLE YEAR! 
    Ok, well Amsterdam, Greece and Italy was a blast, as was Mexico.  So, even though it ate up some time, I'd never trade it for anything.

    So what's happening in 2014?

    - Finish Legend of the Sunset People... maybe?

    - Pitch a few more of those concepts.

    - Mexico in January, France & Switzerland in May and Sioux Lookout in August...

    - Finish my Century Manor screenplay

    - Find some art courses to involve myself in.

    - stop being such a damn dilettante! Get the hell off FB and DO THE WORK!

  • 2013
    *Had a short story (The Barton Murder) published in 8th Wonder Press's anthology.
    *Had a short story (Joy In Mudville) published in Chainsaw Comics' anthology.
    *Had a short story (Alliteration) published in the RWP Teacher's guide.
    *Co-wrote Idea Man, Prometheus Code, Vitruvian Men and Steel Town with @ShawnRichison.
    *Art completed for Idea Man, Prometheus begun for Steel Town.
    *Chipped away at writing a few more shorts and a 22 pager.
    *Pitched Unreal, but it didn't find the strike zone.

    *Anthology (Gateways to Beyond) will have two of my short stories in it (Still in Beta, Sterile Procedures)
    *Anthology (8th Wonder Press) will have Prometheus Man short story in it.
    *Brunt to be published by 215 INK.
    *Short story with Water Closet Press will hopefully appear somewhere.
    *Dyna Girl story should start production (but not certain about this one...we'll see how far they get on their current stories). I wrote it a couple of years ago, and it's coming up soon on the schedule.
    *pitches for creator-owned projects will hopefully go out. Some written by me (Unnatural Selection, In Vino Veritas, Jackson Square). Some co-written by @ShawnRichison and me (Steel Town, Prometheus Code, Vitruvian Men)
    *Try to place a few more shorts in anthologies.
    *Find a home for some old projects that don't have a home yet (Gyrfalcon, Courage, FISK)
    *Keep writing and co-writing
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    I'm sure you're right Russell. As I say, I loose track. But you have been the guy to keep me active.

    Thanks Dino. I like it.
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    OK, finally getting to this myself:

    • Finished up color and B&W versions of "Everybody's Doin' It" and got it placed in Best Gay Erotica 2014 (out soon).
    • Got "Scout" published in Northwest's Anything That Loves.
    • Did a quickie last-minute illustration job for GrayHaven's You Are Not Alone, and successfully pitched a story of my own for YANA2.
    • Got a few other JAQrabbit Tales finished (but not as many as I hoped), including two drawn by outside artists, and a batch of pin-ups by another.
    • Had a couple pages of my own art, and pages I'd scripted at the Batman on Robin show in SF.
    • Overhauled my web site.
    • Launched the Nude 52 as a cheap networking ploy.
    Hmm... a few things on last year's list are back.  But some new things too.
    • Continue the Nude 52 until it becomes a chore instead of fun.
    • Put the final nails into the few Tales that still I have in progress.  Start more, and get a few more illustrated by outside talent.  Then Kickstart to pay for more.
    • Get my two Holy Comics one-shots on Comixology (if they'll have them).
    • I have two unrelated scripts that I've been sitting on for too long, and want to get illustrated:  One is PG-rated and not too long, but I'm the wrong artist for it.  The other is R-rated (with NC17 director's cut), but at 50 pages I don't have time for it.  Shit-or-get-off-the-pot time for both of them.
    • Keep my eyes open for other anthologies to get into.
  • I never filled this out last year? Damn!

    What did you get done in 2013?
    10 of the 12 issues of my Clive Barker collaboration "Hellraiser: The Dark Watch"
    5 of 5 issues of "Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird" (my first Marvel book)
    10 of 10 issues for the Unannounced WFH Project that I'm still (rassum frassum) waiting on the announcement for
    A bunch of issues and part-issues for creators owned projects, all of which would have to be substantially revised.
    688 script pages by the end of the year (minimum). Equivalent of 31 issues at 22pp/issue, or 34 issues at 20pp/issue. (Ain't no @JustinJordan, but I get by.)
    And "Witch Doctor: Mal Practice" #3-6 were published, as well as "Doctor Who" #4, but I wrote those last year.

    What will you get done in 2014?
    Great question! 

    "Hellraiser: The Dark Watch" just totally wrapped. Will be turning my final first draft of "Seekers" in to Marvel this week. Have one character description to do for the Unannounced WFH, but that's it — wrapping that this week too. So I step into January 1, 2014 with... no WFH hanging over my head.

    (And only a couple more paychecks due from it, which is worrying. BUT my rent is paid on my apartment through November 2014, so it's not like I'll be homeless!)

    So, the intentions for 2014 are:
    • Launch some of the creator-owned books I've been wanting to do forever
    • Wrangle a bit of WFH — ideally from Marvel or places that can make it financially worth my while.
    • OR get some book market stuff going through my new literary agent, with advances that can take the place of WFH money.
    • (That's not actually an "or." I plan on writing — and selling — my first novel or three in 2014. I've got some non-fiction books I'd like to write, stuff recycling the research I do for my comics writing. And I'd like to get some OGNs set up at book publishers.)
  • Oookay, let's see:

    What I got done in 2013:
    • I didn't get as many webcomics pages out as I'd planned, but those I got out included the spy comic I've been mentioning for years and some Conny Van Ehlsing stories I'm kinda fond of.
    • Wrote a lot of nice concepts for stories beyond my usual titles. Some of them I got out as throwaway concepts ("bad" film ideas and such).
    • Got involved with a local online culture mag that's becoming a bit of a hit now. We're opening a major local literature festival next. Well, the people who actually wrote stuff for it are, rather than just submit old comics. Also, during an outside exhibition my poster got stolen first - I call that a win.
    • Okay, that wasn't really my doing, but I kinda got involved with that comics-in-the-arts exhibition in a local gallery, and we had a nice convention there. Not exhibitng myself, though.
    • Started a new comic for a motorcycle magazine. Its future is still pending, I guess, but I got paid for the work I did so far.
    • Co-published a horror anthology with a handful of German webcomics people, called ANDERS. Sales and reviews are encouraging.
    • Also published a little book with two Olga Stark comics. Less reassuring, but it'll do.

    What I didn't get done in 2013:

    • That astronaut comic I've been scribbling at every now and then.
    • Two weekly webcomics, like, every week.
    • A new online shop that'll handle orders within one page rather than three.
    • English versions of my books.

    Plans for 2014:

    • Book 4 of Conny Van Ehlsing is due before Summer.
    • At least two of 2013's new concepts seem worth developing. I'll try my best to squeeze that in.
    • Looking into new ways of financing the webcomics. One will involve a lot of ebooks.
    • Also looking into Create Space,  Comixology and the likes for English books. Been looking for a while now, time to make.
    • Site overhaul.  Not just for me: there are at least three sites waiting for me to get going. 
    • We've already started talking about ANDERS 2.
    • Also, if the finance schemes don't work out, I'll definitely need more freelance work than this year. Which isn't as much a plan as  a need for one, but I'll mention it anyway.
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    Damn, I missed this thread the first time, so I have nothing to compare like you cool people!

    The #0 issue reprint and four issues of the Amala miniseries were published, all of which I wrote in 2011/12.

    I started scripting the Amala's Blade sequel. I got the whole thing outlined, and Part 1 of 4 scripted, as well as an eight-page bridge sequence intended for an issue of Dark Horse Presents.

    I wrote the three-part Monstrous story that appeared in November and December's Dark Horse Presents.

    I pitched a Big Two story. And several other creator-owned projects that went nowhere; still, I can't complain.

    I found a home for Spinning to Infinity at Hiveworks.

    The final part of Monstrous comes out Jan. 15 in DHP.

    The Amala's Blade trade paperback comes out Jan. 22, the 8-page story in the summer and the sequel OGN in November.

    I would love to land a Big Two story, like a miniseries or even an ongoing. I can do it -- I just need that chance. :)

    I would love to get another 2 to 3 creator-owned projects off the ground. I've stagnated a bit in that area as I've focused on the two projects I do have. I need to come up with A. several new concepts and B. several artists that I've never pitched with / been published with before.

    I would love to get the Noble Bowmen Kickstarter launched.

    I'd be fine with Monstrous becoming a miniseries at Dark Horse. It can't just end there!

    I would love to finish relaunching Spinning to Infinity with all the existing pages, and a bunch of new ones.

    And on a non-comics note ... find a new full-time job ASAP!
  • 2013
    • Lady McBlack #1
    • Ungenred (short story collection)
    • NYE 2001 (short story published in Ignition anthology)
    • Butcher's Hook (prose short story published in Aurealis)
    • Guest at Supanova Melbourne and Gold Coast
    • Guest at SPX (with the aid of a government grant)
    Failed and abandoned:
    • Kensuke
    • Bucket of Glass
    • Shortlisted for Aurealis Award for Best Horror Novel. (Was never going to win)
    • Belated honeymoon
    • Bought a house
    Verdict: underwhelming


    To be published:
    • Shadowmancy (prose novella for Satalyte Publications)
    • Sixsmiths volume 2 (for SLG, currently 1 year late but very near the end finally)
    • McBlack annual
    • Lady McBlack #2
    • Faerie Apocalypse (novel; under submission)
    • Left Hand Path
    Ongoing WiP:
    • XDA Zai (prose novel, final draft stages)
    • Sindustry (miniseries pitch)
    • Mumeishi (third attempt; 3rd artist--it's been 6 years now)
    Prognosis: Risky. Too much on the table still. I have two deals in place but those books may not see print til 2015.

  • 2013:

    Lettered: 5,214 pages of comics.
    Wrote: nothing.
    Drew: squeezed in a pin-up for the Season Finale issue of Hoax Hunters (#13) at the last minute, but that's it.


    Letter: fewer than 5,214 pages of comics.
    Write: some interesting WFH opportunities presenting themselves, plus try to sell either Urban Horror Story or Steampunk Horror Western as a creator-owned project.
    Draw: enough stuff for my own amusement to make me confident enough to tackle sequential work again.

    Possibly: re-write near-future SF thriller novel from a couple of years ago to take out the stuff that isn't SF any more and take another stab at selling the bastard.
  • 2013:

    Lettered: 5,214 pages of comics.

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    Lettered: 5,214 pages of comics.
    I didn't even read that much.

    Hah! I'll confess, it was too many.

    I don't think that the quality of the work dipped, but there was a definite impact on my quality of life, and I know that I wasn't able to hold a mental picture of where I was with all current projects at any given time, having instead to rely occasional prodding from editors and creators.

    This last, in particular, threatens the substantial goodwill I've amassed over the last few years, so I'm determined to say "No" a bit more often in 2014!
  • in 2013:

    -finished DISPLACED PERSONS (which is now getting the final design treatment and should be out in late June/early July)

    -art for a short in an upcoming anotholgy (8 pages)

    -restarted GODSTOWN

    -Created pitch with Dirk Manning, "The Good Knight" (still waiting on response fingers crossed)


    -Finish the first chapter of GODSTOWN. hopefully have an ashcan/floppy ready by summer, or get it up as a webcomic, or secure a publisher (or all of the above)

    -Get the GOOD KNIGHT going at a publisher

    -market the hell out of DISPLACED PERSONS release

    -possibly get one or two additional pitches together

    -art for one chapter of an upcoming book written by Dirk Manning

    -Something else if any of the above falls through.

    I think 2014 will be very busy for me.
  • To add to 2014:

    1. Give more input on projects, putting know-how to work.
    2. Proactively reach out to clients to check-in and offer help.
    3. Update your portfolio with your best work from 2013.
    4. Take skill tests to verify and showcase your talents to clients.
    5. Have a friendly attitude, and avoid getting frustrated at small stuff.
    6. Build a team of freelancers who work for you.
    7. Attract more clients by sharing your success stories on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+... and Sequential Workshop
  • It's getting time for our annual look back/ahead:

    What did you get done in 2014?
    I don't mean necessarily published, or even finished (but that counts too)... just how far did you get on your projects?  What did you accomplish in the past 12 months?

    What will you get done in 2015?
    This can include new projects and things you've already started, that will (gods permitting) reach a state of completion.  What will you brag about 12 months from now?
  • What did you get done in 2014?
    Wrote a five page story for a ComixTribe anthology (will see print in 2015)
    Wrote a ten page story for an independently published Tom Waits anthology (will see print in 2015)
    Finished/Kickstarted Red Angel Dragnet (will see print in 2015)
    Started work on Fake Empire, my 'Tooth Fairy Murder Mystery' with artist Vicente Rico
    Started work on Atlantis Wasn't Built For Tourists, with artist Wendell Cavalcanti

    What will you get done in 2015?
    Get R.A.D. out the door.
    Finish Fake Empire. Kickstart if needed.
    Finish, find a home for Atlantis Wasn't... 
    And then... I dunno, by this time next year I'll have three finished graphic novels (R.A.D., ORPHANS, Fake Empire), plus a chunk of other, shorter material (opportunities for which I'll keep chasing), but the self-publishing route isn't a long term possibility. I've already stretched myself awfully thin, financially. If I can't find a home/help to get future projects done, it's gonna be time to seriously rethink the medium and my place in it.
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    What did you get done in 2014?
    I don't mean necessarily published, or even finished (but that counts too)... just how far did you get on your projects?  What did you accomplish in the past 12 months?

    What will you get done in 2015?
    This can include new projects and things you've already started, that will (gods permitting) reach a state of completion.  What will you brag about 12 months from now?
    What I did in 2014
    My first instinct, when asked what I accomplished in 2014 is to say absolutely nothing. Books that should have been put out at the beginning of this year will be lucky if they see the light of day by January. However, I got a lot of planning done for books, my "not-a-webcomic-comic" celebrated one year of regular updates and I've been able to have another filler comic regularly update on time as well.

    Having said that, 2015 should be a much more productive year. I have more solid production plans and therefore I think I may be able to up my production.

    My goals for 2015:

    Isaac & Lee going monthly so that I can finish off the series by the end of the year (this may even be able to be accomplished on a bi-monthly or quarterly schedule)

    Space Trucking #4 & 5

    Sam Hawke #3 - series end (I think it maybe #6)

    Grotto of Poppies - I want to be pencilling by the end of the year. (realistically, I'd like my script complete by the end of the year and ready for the artwork)

    Meggido - script done by the end of the year (realistically, I'd like to be ready to script the first arch by the end of the year)

    Melody - character sketches and plot outline done by the end of the year along with solid concept art (this is mostly a back burner story idea that's been plaguing me for a while, so I'm not too worried about it's production)

    Miscellaneous - I have a feeling that I will be doing some random, last minute projects, it's just the way I roll.
  • 2014
    • Continued The Nude 52 for six months, posting another hundred pin-ups (about a quarter of those by me).
    • Started posting JAQrabbit Tales in September.  Seven stories (over 60 pages) so far.
    • Did a 24-Hour Comic for the Tales last month.
    • Drew a few more Tales stories (not sure how many pages were during 2014).
    • Had stories accepted (and then produced them) in a couple more anthologies.
    • Everybody's Doin' It was released digitally, marking the first published-for-sale comic with my name on the "cover".

    • More JAQrabbit Tales. I already have almost enough material to last the year, either in the can or being worked on by other artists, so this is a pretty sure bet. Continuing to work ahead on it, both illustrating more stories myself and working with additional artists.
    • Run a crowdfunding campaign to recover the cost of the above.
    • Do some substantial promotion of the Tales.
    • Get things moving on the Peter-Pan-related projects ... the ones I said I was going to do in 2014.
    • There's this one furry-porn story I want to do, and get it published in Genus Male.
    • And still keeping eyes open for anthologies to place stuff in. (I pitched one a few days ago.)
  • @Jimmie_Robinson I have a vague concept but there is no story there yet. It's swirling around though. Once a story comes around, they'll be back. :)
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    I did a lot of writing in 2014, and most of it will appear in 2015.
    My biggest professional accomplishment of the year, I think, was really expanding my con presence outside the Midwest. I did 13 shows of varying sizes. The out-of-state ones were MegaCon, Rose City, Vegas Valley and Anime Iowa. Appleseed is in Indiana but close enough to be local, essentially. In 2015 I want to repeat at some of those shows and do others outside the Midwest, hopefully some in florida and the southwest.

    *Hard Time, in OCP
    *Survival (self)
    *”Field Trip,” in The Graphic Textbook
    *Old Wounds (ashcan)
    *Will (self)

    *Old Wounds (parts 1-4)
    *Busted (self-spring)
    *Dinner at Dante’s (self-summer?)
    *Stranger (OCP)
    *Calypso & Other Stories (OCP)
    *Secret Identity, in AYC
    *Terror Over Teplinsky-91 (self-fall?)*Old
    Wounds tpb

  • Calypso for Russell Lissau 24pp (I think I finished it this past Spring?)

    Love is in the Blood: Begin Again for Greg Carter 80+ pages (updates three days a week and includes some covers and misc. promo art and sketches)

    Love is in the Blood: Changes for Greg Carter (so far 12 pages with a different look than the first GN)

    Charlton Neo  so far three projects completed with a fourth set to start soon. 1_ several illustrations for Charlton Pulp 2_ six page story Theater of Operations by Derek Adnams 3_eight page story Uke by Jake Rossen 4_ six page story Thanksgiving by Dan Johnson which I will start after Christmas. I may be picking up more short projects here.

    The Most Unkindest Bite  a project I started with Josh Hechinger some years ago is active again as a six issue series. My initial idea with the first issue co-written. Josh is picking up more of the writing now albeit with my usual heavy, overbearing kibitzing. Once we have the writing squared away, I'll begin drawing, most likely late in 2015.

    Had an interesting offer for another graphic novel project which I'm interested, but shan't speak on it until it becomes a reality and I have half a year's work in front of me finishing Changes.
  • 2014
    *Twisted Christmas V2 
    *Science V. Mad Science  
    *Killer Queen
    *Gateways to Beyond

    Wrote some stuff on my own.
    Wrote some stuff and schemed with @ShawnRichison.

    Not many actual "results" in 2014, but lots of groundwork (hopefully) laid for...

    anthologies (that I know about so far) - 
    *placed stories in upcoming anthologies from Chainsaw Comics, Comixtribe, Cloudscape, Alterna  
    *potentially two stories in an upcoming unnamed anthology

    anthologies (waiting to hear back from) -
    *Submitted two stories to a music-themed Canadian anthology
    *submitted one story to another music themed anthology
    *I'll submit to 8th Wonder Press's new anthology as well

    longer projects (that I know about so far)
    *FISK found a publisher. @ShawnRichison & I working together to complete four issue mini-series.
    *Blue Hour, a project I'm doing with Chad Cicconi is moving along nicely. I'm learning a lot. Issue 2's line work is practically done, and we're soon moving on to issue 3
    *I think I found a home for Gyrfalcon, a one-shot that I've be one-shopping around for a bit. 
    *Issue two is almost done for Brunt, a crime comic that's found a home with 215Ink
    *@ShawnRichison co-wrote a pitch for Prometheus Code, which 215Ink likes...We've plotted out a mini-series...We're working on the script for issue 1. 
    *My issue of Dynagirl should be this year. I wrote it several years ago, and it's kind of cool that it's still on their radar. 
    *Smash Atom is plotted as a three issue mini, and we think it's found a home.

    longer projects (without a home)
    *Gotta pitch Jackson Square
    *@ShawnRichison and I will pitch Steeltown in 2015
    *I'd love to find a home for Courage, a completed, all-ages book

    other stuff to act on...maybe...
    *longer projects I'd like to restart: Community Service, Vic's Ticket Out, 
    *Idea Man (completed short comic), prehistoric (completed 4 pager), Water-Closet Press comic
    *I've got three 8 page shorts scripted but no art
    *Two issues of a three issue mini-series that I co-wrote with a friend years ago...maybe that'll find a new life
    *I've got a little slice of life project that I might like to finally move on. 
    *plotting out a new four issue mini.
  • 2014
    Finished writing Love is in the Blood: Begin Again graphic novel/webcomic (with Marv handling the art)
    Started writing Love is in the Blood: Changes (also Marv)
    Love is in the Blood accepted into Comixology Submit program
    Published Perfect Agent issue #8 and wrote #9 (also a webcomic, with artist Stephanie O'Donnell)
    Published Perfect Agent Greatest Hits Vol 1 (compilation of #1-8) (also Stephanie)
    Wrote a Love is in the Blood light novel
    Started a Love is in the Blood visual novel
    Started Solar Harvest light novel

    Publish Love is in the Blood: Begin Again graphic novel
    Finish writing Love is in the Blood: Changes graphic novel/webcomic (with Marv)
    Probably publish Love is in the Blood: Changes by the end of the year
    Love is in the Blood begins being published on Comixology
    Publish Perfect Agent #9 and write #10 single issues/webcomic (with Stephanie)
    Finish Solar Harvest light novel
    Start Solar Harvest graphic novel/webcomic
    Publish first Love is in the Blood light novel
    Write second Love is in the Blood light novel

  • @dinocaruso, what's the story on those 8th wonder books? The covers look pretty amateurish. Worth pitching?
  • I think they do really good stuff. The covers they've had so far have been by Ethan Nicolle (Axe Cop) and Ryan Dunlavey (Action Philosophers). Definitely worth pitching to them in my opinion. 
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