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  • Finished a basic pitch page for a four-issue mini-series project I want to get off the ground. First issue's already written. Now writing a one-page synopsis of the entire mini-series that is AGONIZING because I don't know how to summarize the whole thing without all the twisty plot points and various nuggets of character goodness that keep popping into my cranium. It's a challenge but a good one, and its helping me understand the overall story a lot more. Once this is done, hopefully tonight or tomorrow, I'll feel comfortable about talking to artists about paying them to draw my dreams, because I'll finally know where my dreams are going!

  • @BrandonSeifert ... put WD on my pull list. Looking forward to it!
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    I'm on Do The Recovery this week instead of Do The Work, so I put my drawing fingers to the test today with something non-productive.  NSFW-ish and with apologies to Jimmie:

    Captain Miracle © Jason A. Quest, Bomb Queen © Jimmie Robinson
  • Penciled through page 19 (of 22) they're rough, but its enough to work with. I'm going home next weekend, and then back on Monday, and I'd like to have the pencils finished by then. Marker them over the next two weeks when I come back.

  • Struggling today. Spent the morning going over Zycorax stuff with Paul, spent the afternoon mostly avoiding prose work. Got a bit done, but I'm nut not feeling it right now.

    Perhaps I'll go do some lettering I've been putting off.
  • And just to play mind games on you all, Jason Copland's going to draw a story I wrote. How's that for befuddling expectations?


  • Brandon sez:
    "Much to my surprise, I appear to be developing a ladyfriend.  (Jimmie, I know you can relate.)  I don't think this is going to impact my DOING THE WORK substantially, because for one thing she understands (she's a comics geek, AND she works in medicine — so she gets Witch Doctor), and for another she's extremely busy and I'm unlikely to see her more than once a week, if that."

    Bro, I can definitely relate.
    After years (over a decade) of the single life I'm now balancing work and romance.  And it has come at the worst time.  I'm SO far behind on Bomb Queen that the publisher is saying it will be canceled if it's not done in TWO weeks!  The UP side, as Brandon notes with his love interest, is that my girl is also a comics geek and her friends are my friends and all my friends are in comics.  Total win-win.  Still... I am under the gun for several projects this last two weeks of the month.

    I know love and comics production exists.  I see it all the time around me in the comics industry.  Plenty of married, significant other and mutual partners are out there.  I hope to be one of them.  Good luck to both of us, Brandon.
  • You know, @Jimmie_Robinson, I bet there are people here who would help you out however they can to hit your deadlines.
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    @Jimmie_Robinson — It hasn't been quite as long for me, just since, like, 2007.  But still, it's odd — the last girl who called me her boyfriend is married now!

    Also, that sucks about your books being late.  I was surprised to see a new Bomb Queen mini solicited for August, because I know you're behind.  I was curious what the reasoning was for that, and why you didn't push it back.

    Anyway, I wish you luck buddy.

    As for me, today I delivered the final, colored, lettered files for WD #1 to Skybound, along with a preview PDF.  That felt good.

    This is a watershed week for my career.  Wednesday is the first time a comic I wrote will be distributed nationally.  Sounds like it's also going to be available digitally, free.  Really pretty exciting.
  • @BrandonSeifert ; the watershed will come later this summer when you are sitting at a booth actually pimping your for-real comic.
  • @Jimmie_Robinson: If you're totally desperate to fill a page in the next couple weeks, I'll finish the above sketch and you can use it as a pin-up.  Or whatever else I can do to help.
  • <<But still, it's odd — the last girl who called me her boyfriend is married now!>>
    I hate when that happens.
  • But @marvinmann, I've been doing that for *years*.

    Now, walking into a comic shop that's not in the city where I live and seeing a comic I wrote on sale?  *That's* something new.

  • Still got the go-slows, so I've been filling in some administrative work. Found a colourist. Putting together some samples for a new freelance writing gig--I need to bring in a bit of scratch while I am otherwise (and intentionally) unemployed.

    Also, surprised the shit out of myself and started drawing. I've roughed out a page pretty well and it's looking good, despite me not having picked up a pencil in months. Developing.

  • Despite intentions, I got no work done at acen. there's a short crime piece I want to do for something upcoming, so I need to buckle down and do it.
  • I'm in full-on prep mode for Phoenix Comicon. Have two commissions already I need to draw for it, along with the usual shenanigans of running around getting things printed.

    Otherwise, trying to get all editorial work on this new Vegas noir anthology done before the con. I have recruited talent, now I just need to assign stories and send out contracts. Exciting stuff. Why did I get into publishing again?
  • Started inking, or rather markering as this will be drawn in colored Pitt pens. But I'm tired and a little burned out from 16 straight days of working in Boise. Two more and then I'm home for a four day weekend, and then to return. In addition to working, I've penciled 22 pages and written a six page story... so not unproductive.
  • Checked my mail today.


    That's the WALKING DEAD #85/Witch Doctor #0 flipbook that goes on sale tomorrow.  Specifically, that's the variant WALKING DEAD cover Lukas drew.

  • @BrandonSeifert--that looks hellaciously cool. Congratulations!

    For me, spent most of today doing prose. Pencilling this page is coming along nicely, although I am farting around with it more than anything--10 minutes here and there between whatever else comes up.

    Looks like we have a colourist, if not a title, for Zycorax. TBC.
  • Had to pretend I have a social life over the weekend, then got called back into night shifts on Monday. Between that and auditioning potential flatmates who kept disrupting my work flow every two hours by scheduling visits, not showing up, then showing up when I finally got started on something, I managed to thumbnail the next four pages of Conny Van Ehlsing (yesterday) and pencil one which is now half-inked (today). Still behind on the e-comics I meant to upload and the info mail I mentioned the other day.
  • Today was a near-total bust.  I don't know if it was yesterday's meds catching up with me (cuz I hadn't actually taken any today) but I leaned back in the recliner to rest my eyes and next thing I knew it was three hours later.  I got a little work done on the "script for May" I'm doing, but I still have sections of dialog with no way to connect them.  For the record: surgery vacations make lousy working vacations.
  • NICE! @BrandonSeifert - That sir, is what it is all fucking about!  Today (Wednesday) is your day.  May there be many more because you deserve it.  Nothing better than seeing a success story start from the roots.
  • Halfway through the prose thing. Ass-kicked and tired.

    Tweaked up some scripts for Antonio Goulart and Paul Abstruse--work in comics continues. Found some more photoref for Jose Pimienta.


  • Got a 4 day weekend this week, so I'm going to be writing Albert and a new short story called "Del Muerte."
  • @BrandonSeifert - Looking good. I'm trying to contain my jealousy.

    Just finished signing off on the second printing of Murder Book Vol. 1. I've redesigned the cover and changed the interior notes some. Also just finished retooling the Murder Book site -- it got hacked last week and I've finally got everything cleared out. Prepping a new story to go live on Monday.

    Today is all about lettering. More manga stuff. Need to get through about 60 pages of it, which should be do-able, if I can just get down to work. But before I start that, going to try to get some writing done. Trying to set a reasonable goal of two pages of script per morning before diving into the paid work.
  • I'm back from Mexico and have done no art for a week and a half. hmmmph! my writer prob won't be ready to give me anything until next week. double hmmph. Looks like I'll be doing some image research via dvd screen grabbing for a future project that is long in gestation.
  • I've been on vacation all week with the Parents and siblings. I've still been drawing though, I'm running through a crap ton of photo reference for uniforms, people, guns and all that. I'll post some of my sketchbook in my worklog later.
  • Day job got super busy again suddenly but managed to unleash the usual two pages of LOVE IS IN THE BLOOD and one page of PERFECT AGENT unto the world this week. Looking forward to a long weekend of family out of town to get a ton of comic work done. And sleep. That's right, my 3-day weekend will consist almost entirely of making comics and sleeping. I'm way behind on both.

  • Prose. Pencil art. Hired a colourist.

    Out of town for the weekend--back Monday.
  • Congrats, @BrandonSeifert!!! I've ready WD #0 and it is so awesome.

    An unexpected OK to pitch something big and licensed had led me to work on several elevator pitches. I'm also lettering eight pages of AMALA'S BLADE as they come in. And I need to get back to my webcomic.

    Yay, comics!
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