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  • I'm going to cheat for the moment (thats why I left it so open) and only post a short piece of this story, the reason being: I'm still working on the project as a whole, but I really like this part, but I am not sure if its actually going to get use…
  • Thanks, I was a little crestfallen that people didn't get a chance to share... But lets make sure we get those up pretty quick after the end of the month!
  • for clarification, she is the only female crew member in a crew of 5. Im thinking that in the future, there may be others but not by the end of this story. I do think it makes her stand out, and that helps in some way, there will be other female cha…
  • @RyanBurton thats my plan! @MaxVaehling any writing is fine, format is whatever you want!
  • Oh, yeah I am totally down with doing webcomics, but digital comics using things like iOS is an interesting model especially for content that is better encapsulated in a book. 
  • Worked some on the may project yesterday, but feel like I am falling behind. going to get some late dinner, then make some time with the laptop and the keys.
  • All of these might be names of other things, the key here is that your not stepping on any toes or causing any confusion that you are talking about the real world one, I think you would be fine.  but here is my thought: Dynatheon - Dyna meaning forc…
  • I worked on fairly little but Minecraft last night. but worked out a few new plot points for my May story. non boring exposition is hard.
  • @RyanBurton Totally cool with that, it would be great!
  • All thats been said, I think its really nice problem to have. your still making money, (and you can most chances raise your prices) and despite the fact that the "wrong" person might be getting your work, that person empirically thinks you…
  • Worked on the backgrounds for Adventures In Pixels last night, getting the sizing, layout and placement worked out.
  • I (not having any of these problems, as a plebeian) think that really, whats big harm, once it gets ebayed someone who enjoys it gets it. I do understand the feeling though, let someone who is genuinely excited get it. You could charge MORE for non-…
  • Cheating is fine, and really yeah, its just posting a script. its just a simple thing, to see what people come up with and to give me a deadline.
  • A tip about announcements, you can unsticky them, and have them flow like normal posts by clicking the options button on the post, then clicking dismiss. they still will keep the "Announcement" label but now will only float to the top with…
  • Im trying cohuman for some stuff, its nice and has google calendar integration. 
  • do a closest to the pin thing, pick a number, (make it kinda low) and the person closest to the number at the end buys the drinks. or if you want a little more chance, pick 3 numbers before hand a crappy number an average number and a great number, …
  • Started playing around with Blender last night, looking into doing 3d sets for Adventures in pixels, its not the most straight forward thing to me yet.. but hey, we shall see.
  • @scott_h
  • Hello, I'm Scott Heinowski, paradoxically the first new (in that I really didn't frequent P&P) forum goer and possibly the first non @SteveWallace user of this forum (I helped Steve debug for like 30 seconds before people had signed up, he used …